How Has Steem Impacted My Life Initiative - Extended!

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I am so pleased with the How Has Steem Impacted My Life Initiative turnout, I want to thank everyone that participated!

Since this Initiative was such a big hit, I want to extend it another 10 days!

The new deadline to receive upvotes will be 1/27/20.

If you have not entered yet, details are posted here:

Steem On!

Post Beneficiaries: 100% @steem.dao


Thrilled to hear about this extension because I have been meaning to get to this!

Yours should be a good one seeing how much time and effort you've put in the last two years. Hopefully I'll get some time to write too :)


Thanks @abh12345 :) what a lovely thing to say! Put a big smile on my dial! Going to try and get to it either today or tomorrow. Hope you manage to find the time to do yours too.

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Thanks for the heads up Dan! I was kinda in a hurry to complete his one. cheers!

Good for you. This kind of initiative has been a great success. More and more participants are joining in.

It's interesting to see how it's changed the lives of each of us here. These are stories of lives that inspire us to continue with the efforts that each of us makes from each place.

Hi @theycallmedan,

I have posted my entry one week ago but i haven't received your upvote 🥺

Good opportunity for more Steemians!

Thanks Dan for the extension.

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I’m so excited about the extension. I was too busy to participate in the first round!

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This will aid in promoting STEEM the more

This is a really super initiative Dan. Thank you for heading it up!

I want to show you the #steemimpact post that really touched my heart...

A good many folks focus on what is wrong with STEEM (I am guilty as well, not pointing fingers). We sometimes forget the wonderful things that STEEM has made possible for a great many people around the world! Some Thursdays, when I attend PYPT, I have the opportunity to listen to folks from places where great challenges are experienced everyday just to survive.

I found this post by @jordangerder and shared it on #PYPT this past Thursday. It is such a wonderful story about the amazing things made possible by someone that lives in a Country that is economically broken. STEEM has aided not only in this young man's day to day financial necessities, but also aided in his pursuing a degree in Engineering which he recently completed!

There are probably many more stories like this one and I do hope they are shared.

Thank you again so much for being a big part of something that is already making great changes in peoples lives all around the world! It is an honor and privilege for me to be a small part of the WEB 3.0 Revolution and #STEEM.

Exciting contest. Good reason to resume writing a quality post. Another reason is the increased Steem price.

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So glad this got extended as I wasn't able to write one on time for the previous deadline :) Took me some hours to write, so hopefully you'll like it:

and proof of sharing #posh #oc

Definitely a fun one to write about and read everyone else's posts! Thanks as always for all you do to help support Steem!

Great decision, @theycallmedan!

I'm sure that many new posts with high quality and inspiring stories will emerge.

How cool, Just submitted my contribution to all channels. Hope many others will follow!

Post and Tweet info in comment to your original post:

Thanks so much, I wanted to join in but haven't had the chance!

I'd like to thank you all for this opportunity. Today is my second Steem anniversary, so here's my post:

Also shared on Twitter

This is my History... regards from Venezuela

my tweet #posh and#steemimpact

My tweet for #posh and #steemimpact is here:

My STEEM post for the contest is here:

Also posting this comment on the original contest entry post.

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