Missing Claim Rewards for the last 5 days.

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Saturday August 1, 2020 my STEEM account @Yehey stop receiving rewards from my curation upvotes. I upvoted good articles by authors everyday. See the captured screenshots from steemd.com website.

Today August 7, 2020. I started receiving my STEEM rewards again. See captured screenshots.

I checked using SteemPeak.com, it shows the last rewards claimed 6 days ago and now receiving rewards again.

So the question is what happens to my rewards between August 2 - 7?
I’ve been in this community as an entrepreneur for the last four years and counting. I am always able to audit the incoming and outgoing STEEM or STEEM POWER in my wallet, but not the last 5 days of missing rewards.
Anyone out there knows what happens to the missing days of rewards. Maybe a glitch on the blockchain or error on my part.

I normally use the following websites to do business on STEEM blockchain.
https://steemit.com official website.
https://steeming.com another condenser website.
https://steempeak.com another condenser website.

I will continue to investigate this concerning issue. Please let me know if you encounter any similar problems.

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I'm sorry to hear that @yehey that is very odd and frustrating but I don't know why it happened.

Still a mystery to me. Right now, it's working as expected but I still don't know what happen to those 5 days.

I feel like someone was tampering with the reward system on steemit, no? Unless someone had the code to take your rewards away, this event would be impossible. You better look into it. Did you try looking in Github? The scary thing is...to pull this off, someone must have had your active key. This is my guess. The link I'm sending you is an example of code someone could be using. https://github.com/drov0/hive-reward-manager. All they need is your active key, and bam. No such thing as a 'glitch' on the blockchain.

That's my first thought someone and somehow got my private key which I rarely used except in Witness servers. Hopefully is a simple glitch but I still can't figure it out the missing 5 days rewards.

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You have got a very good award. Likewise, success countinues

Thank you.

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It's really frustrating and mysterious I've never seen anything like it

The award you get is extraordinary, hopefully it will remain the best