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I just upgraded the website to a brand new server, faster and lots of room to grow. is another front-end website to access the STEEM blockchain. It comes with always on SSL, DDoS Protection and soon Loan Balance service for redundancy.

Did you know that you will earn a PESOS digital coin when you use the website to post or comment? You probably earned it already, check it out. Login to website and check your wallet to see what other coins are stored in your account.

While earning PESOS you also earn a STEEM coin. You can transfer a PESOS digital coin to your friend within the network as a tip or a simple reward of following you and reading your content. People appreciate a simple reward just like points, so use your PESOS to give to friends. It’s free to use and no fee to transfer your coin anytime you like.

By the way, I've added @ph-fund as one beneficiaries to support @Project.Hope. I have room for 4-5 beneficiaries. If you're interested, use the comment below with your intention and projects. First comes first server.

Thank you for reading.

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Thank you for reporting the new upgrade. But all we have is empty.

In STEEM you need steem power. In PESOS, you also need to stake some of your pesos coin to power up.
I hope that answer your question.

My question,

  1. My power is not getting convert. I have done it twice.
  2. Sir, I am constantly using your tag. Or I have to make a post by visiting the site.
  3. We can post The Dairy Game on
  4. Where can I exit PESOS? How much it will be worth to us.

You need to use the website to see the PESOS similar using LEO. You can use any tag you want at and see them too at

You know you're using when you see a footer. Just like the article above.

Start using the website to be familiar with other services.
Hope that helps.

I up voted one of your article to get you some PESOS. :)

See the main page where other user earned pesos.

Thanks for telling! most welcome

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