First week check


Dear friends

this is first week check between the rewards of Steemit and

The news is due to the @dcitygame rewards are filling to the gap was in the previous check.

Now, as you can see, the rewards are similar, so we will see in a month who will be the best.


As i wrote in previous post, there is a possibility to make a bet to who will win and there is a very interesting news about that.

Who will send a bet of 10 hive or steem and will win, will got double reward:

  1. double bet value in the same currency made
  2. the same amount airdrop with INTEL

The second option will be very useful in 2 ways:

  1. keeping the amount and get 10% interest after 6 months
  2. buying my @dcitygame town cards which will be put in the market after this check.

So do not loose the chance and make your bet sending to @intellihandling the amount with memo Hive or Steemit as winner of the monthly reward.

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