If Only all Original Food Content Authors joined forced, thigs would have been amazing for everyone!!!

Hello world of Steemians and amazing foodies!

After receiving another contribution in my wallet earlier today (From the same person again), I think it is high time for me to come up with this post and explain again the real goal of Steemit iron chef!!!

First of all let me thank two great steemians and foodies who have been up to now the only ones to contribute to the reward pool for Act 1 of Steemit iron chef 2018!

  • @offoodandart our Steemit Iron Chef 2017 who contributed 15SBD
  • @globaldoodlegems one of our most regular contestants contributing on a regular basis - total of 35SBD

Goal of SIC

For those new on the platform, I would like to explain again the real goal of Steemit iron chef contest!
Apart from being a cooking contest where you can get some amazing prizes consisting of SBDs, Voiceshares, Skillcoins and Trophy Tokens on a weekly basis, SIC is also here to support all original food content authors on their work + rewarding all participants of the season with a special bonus which actually comes from my wallet - all liquid SBD/STEEM!

Up to now the pot is already at 125.505 SBDs which will be distributed at the end of Act 1, that is after 15 rounds of competition! We are already in the 5th round btw...10 more to go!!!

The more contribution I get...the more will be given out to YOU!!!

The reward pool is growing thanks to the contribution of @offoodandart, @globaldoodlegems and @progressivechef's posts that are made on my account!
We are only 3 foodies to help growing that pool and I again remind you that we have already reached 125 SBD...achieved by only the 3 of us!!!

Now just imagine if all foodies who are aware of SIC contributes whatever they can...It will be simply amazing for everyone!

I am not begging anything from anyone, I am simply asking for some support in order to help our original foodies!

How you can contribute?

  • Send any amount of SBD/STEEM to my wallet - everything will stay here until the end of Act 1 and then shared to all SIC contestants!
  • Delegate SP to the account of @progressivechef - you will get a vote on your daily post worth more than what you have delegated!
  • Sponsor any prizes that you can in SIC - this will be a great support again to the participants!

I hope by this message we will see more foodies united and form the biggest community of steemit!

If you have anything not clear or would like more information, kindly let me know below!

Thank you!


I so agree with you ... at the moment ... al I make goes to the SIC reward pool as I make very little on my posts ... but I joined because I liked your idea of us helping and supporting and building the community ... and I so hope we will get there ... if everyone contributed to the pool it would be amazing and grow very rapidly ... I am trying to give at least 5 sbd a week if I have more I give that too ... I would be in for delegating SP but I don't have a lot so far ... far less than the 3000