Steemit Iron Chef 2018 Act 01 Round 01 : Time is over! 14 entries received for this first round of 2018! Thank you everyone!

Hello amazing steemit iron chefs!

You guessed it right...the first round of Steemit iron chef 2018 Act 1 is closed! After a week on great compettiton, it's time to close this chapter and start preparing for the 2nd round while judging the first one!

So finally in total we received 14 entries from our contestants! I would like to thank everyone who participated and is giving support in making this contest such a success!

Due to the cyclone prevailing in Mauritius, I could not post updates yesterday...there was not electricity and it was complete black out for 12 hours!

Let me share with you the 10 new entries received on top of the 4 that I already presented!
Please do visit these posts and show some love to the authors! Thank you!

Double Olive Burguer by @jorgegp

Stuffed Tomato and Olives by @leelektrik

Italy meets Germany by @pusteblume

Kalamata Olive Tapenade by @jeffjagoe


Salad of olives and oranges and Olivada by @gladysstillwagon

oli ve ascolane con marocco olive tapenade by @peppe

Steak a'la Olives with Olive salad by @globaldoodlegems

Wild Chopped Salad with Olives, Gingko Nuts, Bittercress and Jerusalem Artichokes by @haphazard-hstead

The Dessert that will keep them guessing ! by @globaldoodlegems

So here we are with all the entries received for this first round of 2018!

Stay tuned for the theme of round two which will be out in few hours!

Good luck to everyone!
Thank you!


Oh my good i like all this recipes thank's for sharing <3

You are most welcomed my friend!

Gorgeous food photography!! Looking delicious. Thanks for sharing @steemit-ironchef

Looking forward to the next theme already ... hopefully I will be in better time ... this first week I thought so long on my recipees that I almost ended up being late ...

Hi @progressivechef, I noticed in the new rules that entries can be posted up until Friday before the new theme is announced? Or was that my misunderstanding? I have just posted my olive recipe and hope you like it either way, whether it is counted or not :-)

Sorry for replying late my friend! Yes you can post your entry until Friday now till I post about the new round!
As usual i've enjoyed your entry sooo much!