STEEMIT IRON CHEF 2018 Act 01 Round 02 : 4 new entries received making it a total of 9 up to now!

Hello lovely foodies!

Hope everyone is having a great start of the week! We are already in the second round of SIC Act 1 and entries all already flowing in from our amazing contestants!

Since my last update, we've received four more entries making it a total of nine so far! As usual the final two days of the competition will be crazy with a lot of last minute entries coming in!

Let me share these 4 new entries for you to enjoy! Please do check them out and support the authors by upvoting their original content post!

Ukrainian Borscht soup by @pandamama

Rolls of Cabbage with vegetables. by @denissemata

Gel of pickled cabbage; Chai spiced red cabbage consommé; Charred cabbage with minted edamame puree; Cabbage tempura; Bubble and squeak by @foodflaneur

Vegetable Noodles or Pancit Canton by @sherylneil

I wish you all good luck in the contest!
Thank you!


I loved watching Iron Chef on tv as a child. To bring the idea to the Steemit platform is 🤯 and I like it! My favorite one was the Pickled Cabbage dish! The description made the image of the dish seem so much more appealing. And my what I liked best about this one over the rest is that it looked the most like something you would actually see on Iron Chef. I can’t wait to see what the other entries have in store.

Sorry for my delayed response my friend!
I am so glad to read that you love cooking contest!
Btw your favorite one actually won the round!!! You made the right choice!

Wonderful as always to see all the awesome entries !