STEEMIT IRON CHEF 2018 Act 01 Round 02 : We already received 5 entries for this second round!

Hello world of foodies!

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday so we are already early Monday morning and everything's going on fine!

The second round of Act 1 of Steemit Iron Chef 2018 opened few days back with the theme of Cabbage and we already have 5 entries in the contest!

This is a great number when we know we are still in the early stages of the contest!
It seems like a lot of contestants have enjoyed the theme of the week!


As I mentioned above, we already have 5 entries received for this 2nd round, let me share them with you! As usual I will kindly ask you to please have a look at the se food blogs and support the authors in upvoting their work!

Thank you in advance!

Simply cabbage by @globaldoodlegems

Chinese Chicken with cabbage by @leelektrik

Mexican Salsa with cabbage by @gladysstillwagon

Maria's Sprout Spaghetti by @globaldoodlegems

Cabbage Soup with Fava beans by @gladysstillwagon

So voila my dear friends, the entries received so far...there will be lot coming up in the days to come...I am looking forward to another amazing week of disovering great dishes from our lovely contestants!

Results for the first round will be out very soon, @progressivechef has already started the judging! May the best ones win!

Until my next update!
Thank you!


Cabbage is just an amazing vegetable!

Wonderful to see the dishes come in and be started again ...