STEEMIT IRON CHEF 2018 Act 01 Round 03 : Two entries already received for this 3rd round...Join to win amazing prices!

Hello my lovely foodies of the Steemit world!

It is simply crazy to see how time is running quickly these days...we are already into the 3rd round of the Steemit Iron Chef 2018 Act 1!

The SIC 2018 has started with a bang...the number of entries we received for the first two rounds is so encouraging for the future! I am thankful to everyone who is supporting is any way to make this cooking contest the best here on Steemit!

Thanks so much my friends!

Cucumber week...

So for this third round, I am expecting another high number of we already got two entries in this early stages of the contest!

Let me share these posts with you! Please don't forget to visit these blogs and show some love to the authors! Thank you!

Quinoa salad with cucumbers by @gladysstillwagon

The Persian Salad by @sherylneil

The race is already on my dear friends...please do make your recipe based on the product of the week and submit for a chance to win awesome prizes consisting of 31 SBDs, Voiceshares, Skillcoins and Trophy Tokens!

Looking forward to discover your entries in the coming days!

Just for info, results for the 2nd round will be out soon, stay tuned for that post from the blog of @progressivechef!

Thank you!


great work chef! you have a nice style ! this is the first time i see your blog i'll folow you

Thanks so much for the nice compliments! Btw my main account is @progressivechef and this one I use only for the steemit iron chef contest!

Good luck to everyone

Thank you very much Chef
Have a beautiful and productive week