STEEMIT IRON CHEF 2018 ACT 1 Round 5 : Two days more before the end of this 5th round! 18 entries already received!

Hello lovely world of foodies!

In less than 48 hours, the 5th round of Act 1 of Steemit Iron Chef 2018 will be closed! Time is really running so quick and soon we will be left with only 10 more rounds before the end of this first Act!

Just as a reminder, Act 1 consists of 15 rounds, and on each round the contestants are awarded with points on top of weekly prizes!

These points are added each week to form the league standing for Act 1! Check below the latest updated ranking after 4 rounds!

After 4 rounds, we've got 27 different contestants joining the contest at least once with a valid entry! All of them are guaranteed to receive a bonus win which comes from my wallet!

Big reward pool

The big reward pool has already reached 137.7 SBD and 10 Steem!
You can make it grow bigger by simply sending any amount of SBD/Steem to my wallet, all will be saved until the pot is shared with all the contestants at the end of Act 1!

Up to now we have the below amazing foodies who have contributed/donated to grow the pot! Thank you all!

I will keep on making some posts when I can, as all the SBD rewards made from my posts goes directly to the big reward pool!
So don't forget to upvote my posts my dear friends!

Act 1 round 5

Up to now, we've received 18 entries and there's still some more time before the end of this round!
So be quick and send your entries for a chance to win weekly awesome prizes and be in the race for the bonus win thanks to the league!

Wishing all of you good luck and have fun!
Thank you!


Just a small question, I know that you are very busy , but I was wondering when you will pay out the winnings from week 3 ? or did I miss something ?