STEEMIT IRON CHEF 2018 : Attention to all future contestants and mainly the new steemians who recently joined!

Hello amazing foodies of Steemit!

With a new season of Steemit Iron Chef already in the run, we have seen quite a lot of new contestants, who have recently joined Steemit, entering SIC! I have noticed this trend since during the last few rounds of 2017 and now with the 2018 contest!

This is simply great thing to happen as it shows how Steemit Iron Chef is really the most favorite cooking contest of many here! I would like to welcome everyone new as well our regular iron chefs into this 2018 season!

As we are getting quite some new joining, I would like to share out again some simple rules and actions needed to be done by the contestants!

How to validate your entry

I would like to remind everyone that for an entry to be validated, you must have the entry photo taken with your name written on something...Be as creative as you can, but please avoid using digital signature.

See example below :

Bitshares open ledger

When you participate in Steemit Iron Chef, you have a chance to win some amazing prizes consisting of SBDs, Voiceshares, Skillcoins and Trophy Tokens.

To receive your winnings of Voiceshares, Skillcoins and Trophy Tokens, you need to open an account on openledger, check the below link :

Once your account is open, thanks to send me your address.

This is the last updated list of 2017 contestants who sent their addresses. Please do let me know if there's some changes for this year!


Usage of steemit-ironchef tag

Recently i've seen quite some posts tagged with Steemit-ironchef but which had nothing to do with the contest. The problem it causes is that this makes me take longer in making my judging of the valid entries.

Last year we discussed about this, and it was decided that the regular contestants can of course use the tag when they wish, but new ones are not encouraged to do so until they are well acquainted with everyone!

So this will be all for today my friends, I will be making updates from time to time on these simple rules so that the message reaches to the max and we avoid getting non-valid entries in the contest!

Steemit Iron Chef must be the flagship of all contests, so please make sure to respect the rules set.

Thank you!


I like that you are pressing the importance of a written tag and not a digital one ... seen quite a few digital ones lately ...

Yes i've seen a lot recently too...mainly the newest steemians who recently joined us! I hope this will change soon!

How do I send BTS address to you?

You can send it to me on my discord channel or : progressivechef

I'd rather the #steemit-ironchef tag only be used for posts directly related to the competition. But the thing is, even if you invented the tag, there's no way to protect or moderate it. Or is there some aspect that I don't know about?

Of course there's some way to act on it! This tag was invented for all serious original food content creators to use for the contest and get some support/votes/rewards from the community that support @progressivechef. Someone using the tag wrongly must be warned first, but if repeated, I expect the foodies community to act and downvote such users who just like to spam.