STEEMIT IRON CHEF : Urgent request to all participants!!!

Hello world of Steemit Iron Chefs!

With the growing number of entries we are receiving each week for Steemit iron chef 2018 + @progressivechef busy schedule, it is often after some days that he is getting the time to read and judge the entries!

And when an entry crosses 7 days, it is difficult to find it! So my urgent request to you all is to please drop a link of your entry on the official contest post of that particular week!

For example, kindly drop a link of your entry into Round 3 on the below link:

And for round 4 , thanks to drop your entry link here:

I hope to find all entries there as those who did not drop their links have a big chance of being a non-valid entry and missing the chance to win awesome prizes!!!

Just for info, I already missed one entry on round 2, but I managed to catch up...It would be simply a shame if i miss more in the future!

I am looking forward to the collaboration of each and everyone to make it happen!

Thank you!


Oh yes! I think I did it every week but missed it this time ... going to correct this ...

Thanks so much for doing it my friend, this way I am sure I will not miss it.

Sure, I won't forget again 😁

Hahaha! Thanks so much for understanding my friend! Hope I never miss your entry again!!!