Hi my name is: Dave - Issue #1 by @cobmaximus

It's official this is the first issue of "Hi my name is: Dave"

Get ready to meet Dave.

There you go. Dave is just a regular guy like you and me. However, something more SUPER hides beneath that appearance. Don't get fooled by his complex costume, because in reality he's a superheroe called Mr. Stache! He will have to balance his life as a normal worker as well as a super heroe.

What can you expect out of this comic? well some funny stuff (or at least I'll try to make them funny). The comic will be focused more on his alter ego (Dave) more so than the superheroe, and how people can't tell them apart. I will try to delve in the commonality of his normal, regular and boring (yet funny) life. I have some ideas in cooking in the oven but still haven't developed the full story and all...

I hope to make a release every weekend or at least every 2 weeks (if I have to much stuff going on at the same time). Keep in touch for his next story!!

It might not look like it took me several hours to finish this comic haha! This time I tried to add colors and shadows/highlights. I did learn a few things on how to better do my layers, hopefully next time I can do the comics faster.

Please let me know what you think of it, what do you like and don't you like about the comic. Do I need to add more background? maybe too much shadows or they're not applied properly... you're the critics now :P let's hear how I can improve the comic.... and do please resteem this comic :D! that will help a lot to get even more visibility

Remember, I'm running a Discord server with @jonathan-greer, in case you want to join and we can talk about webcomics and even collaborate to make ones.

If you also like to make webcomics or comic strips, you can use the tag #steemit-webcomics and help support the community by upvoting and resteeming.

Until next time!


Nice one cob! I really like what you are doing here congratulations!.
Keep up the good work

Thanks a lot @cryptouru! it's an ambitious topic so far :D

Hahaha this is really amazing!

Good job @cobmaximus and nice meeting you Mr. Sta...I mean Dave xD

Thanks for the comment @justnyz. BTW your comic inspired me to make my own

Wow, I never expect I could inspire someone from my comics T_T
Thanks cob!

yeah, you're a great comoc artist now :D, I bet there are more people getting inspired by you

I enjoyed reading that xD the unexpected turn of events I mean who is Mr Stache anyway all I see is Dave the regular dude 😀

Hahaha this is a funny comment xD you're totally in the comic now :)

ahahahahah, just by slapping his name tag !!! :D this is really great and funny, cob <3 i love it!

awww thanks spider! that really means a lot to me :D

Whoot whooot!!
Awesome! :D
Love it! That's good :)

No actual "critiques" right now. Think it was ... surprisingly just nice!
In fact, I think you could get away with NOT adding shades :P
I think your line work makes up enough for you to be able to do that!

And yes, I'm not surprised it took several hours! Comics take a lot of time! ":D
Congrats for doing a great first strip, man!
Looking forward to your future updates :)

Thanks a lot for the motivation @reconstitution if you haven't asked to up my game I'll probably wouldn't have gone to this point :D

Eeeps! (Covers own eyes)

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hahaha nothing like a name tag to prove who we are :) Loved it @cobmaximus!

better to have things clear than to add confusion to the table jhaha

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It absolutely looks like you spent several hours on this comic.

I like the first page of it. It's nice to meet Dave! :) Looking forward to joining his adventures :)

Glad to hear all this :) I hope you enjoy the next episodes coming up

I can only imagine the adventures that lie ahead for Dave! It sounds like he might have a complicated boring life. How fun.

hahaha indeed! it's boring to have a corporate life, however with super powers come great silly things. Stay tune to check out what his superpowers are

Following you and hoping I don't miss episode #2 of Dave!

I'll be uploading it probably tomorrow :D

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