Steemit Webcomics Comic Cover Contest - Round # 3 (Checkpoint)

in #steemit-webcomics2 years ago (edited)

We're half way for this round #3! You still have plenty of time to participate on this fun contest :D

You can see all the details, prizes and rules of this contest here.

Let's do a quick recap of the entries so far:

@marquezir with cover: Miss Ever

@cryplectibles with cover: Shatterstar

@crittercrats with cover: Scander Scarbosy

@sidekickmatt with cover: Fonziefonzie.png

And that's it :P so far we just 3 entries. I'm very impressed with the covers! I love the work you've all been putting it it. IT really looks like you enjoy the contest so far :D

That's it everybody. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments regarding this contest. I really hope this one can take off and become something trendy :D!

Remember, I'm running a Discord server and also a Facebook group with @jonathan-greer, in case you want to join and we can talk about webcomics and even collaborate to make ones.

If you also like to make webcomics or comic strips, you can use the tag #steemit-webcomics

Until next time!


still valid haha, thanks for participating

thanks for participating, your entry is valid!

thanks for participating, your entry is valid

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