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RE: Hi my name is: Dave - Issue #2 by @cobmaximus

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Yes!!! I had a friend who had this very iconic mustache. He made stickers of it and stuck them everywhere he went. It became his logo almost. It was hilarious. This reminds me of him SO much.

I think it's hilarious that he moves into the telephone booth to get into his super hero outfit but all that ends up being is him removing the name tag LOL but I do have one question, what is that white bubble with the "x" mark next to his mustache in the fifth image?

What better super power could he have? I think we all would like a mustache with as much power as his. I like that it comes to life after the initial fight. Like that's the backup plan if his muscles and brawn don't save him.

I'd love to see a scene in the future where he's fighting with his hands but the mustache is also fighting. So they're both throwing punches. Maybe to some kung fu guy or multiple enemies. I think that would be pretty funny.

I don't have any real critique or ways I think you could improve it. I think it's quite nice as it is. How long did it take you? And are you doing it all by hand or are you using software?

Thanks for sharing!


Ok let's go point by point :)

Haha oh your friend must be a really cool dude! I've always wanted to have a cool mustache like that, or a cool beard, but my facial hair is patchy and I can't get.

Oh no, that's just his mout haha, he's just smiling.

Haha yeah I can start picturing something like that, I'll have to write something down for that

And all is done digitally, I use Krista to make my comics. This comic Toole me about two weeks, mainly because I'm not a pro and also because I can just do this on my free time

I'll have to check Krista out. I've always wanted to do animations or drawings but always wondered how you do it digitally. I recently had an app called SketchBook recommended to me. I haven't had a chance to mess around with it (I too have been quite busy) but would love to see if there's anything I can create with it. Going to add Krista to my list!

Ok, gotcha on the smile. That's my only note or improvement I'd suggest. It's just one opinion though so maybe I'm just not used to the way comics are drawn in that way. I think I was confused because the mustache is still over his chin but he's got his mouth perked up to the side. Took me a second to look at it again and see what you were doing there. Again, could be all me and the way I was looking at it.

Well thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment and I wish you lots of luck with it. Keep doing it no matter what and I don't see any reason why you couldn't be professional one day. Cheers!

Oh yeah sketchbook is superb for drawings, but I think I'll struggle a little to make a full comic out of it just because how you manage the layers. In this matter, Krita is better, or well any other software like it. Try it out though to see how you like it :)

Will do! And thanks for the recommendation. I'm gonna give it and others a go to see what I like best. I'm sure Google will be a good companion in helping me figure out how to use it 😂 Cheers!

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