Aim For The Moon: justnyz comics #32

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Hello Everyone!

I saw this saying
"Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars"

and some comic strips made about it.

So, I decided to make my own version. :D



Oh Noes! Sambie is heading for the sun!
Will he survive from the violent solar flares?
Will steem reach the moon?

Find out in the next episode of...
Dragonsballs Z


Aanndd time for the process.

I really enjoy making comics lately and I'm looking for ways
to improve my comics and my art style in general( Let's aim for the Moon/Stars :D).
I've been using different brushes, especially the watercolor
brush and I think I finally figure out how it works.

For the sketch, I'm using a Pencil (Rough) 2 brush, if you're using a Medibang software
you can download it from the cloud storage. It's my fave brush to use for sketching.

For the Inking... I'm using a Mapping Pen brush and
I like the rough texture look on the lines.

And for the color. I used a regular brush for color the character and objects,
and the watercolor for the background.

Thanks to @reconstitution for mentioning the brush's opacity,
I discovered it's good for blending colors

Also I'm back on shading my character.

PREVIOUS COMIC: Epic Battle: justnyz comics #31

Software Used: Jump Paint by Medibang
Graphic Tablet Used: wacom Intous draw




Whaaaaaat!!! This comic is crazy good!!!!! Man you're on a whole other level now. Composition, lineart, coloring, shades, background, everything is just great!!!

Thanks man!
Honestly, I know what I want it to look like,
but I don't know I'm doing it right xD

well just with time you will know for sure how you want it to look

Oh hey hey!
Glad that the opacity was helpful! :D
If I had known, I'd have told you from the beginning, that that was how I had been shading the Baldy comics the whole time!! (closes own eyes!)

Yes, yes, you've been making steady improvements!
Interesting fluffy and luminary backgrounds you've cooked up!

Also, interesting jagged-ty shading for Sambie in the first panel! Could totally imagine that being overly used, so as to set up a visually distorted / warped scene to invoke a feeling of emotional imbalance (rage, despair, etc.) from involved characters!

Also nice to see what type of pens / pencils you use in Medibang (if only you used Photoshop or I used Medibang -- I'd be able to related immediately, lol!)

Once again great job, you're totally freaking consistent publishing your posts, and you always come up with interesting scenes!

Looking forward to your next post :)

Thanks man!

You can switch to Medibang XD

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haha! Great cartoon!

Thank you! :D

This is adorable! We all should be like him! :)

Thank you for making me smile!

I'm glad it made you smile! :)

Is this your common character or did you create him especially for this cartoon?

It's his common character :)

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Thank you @curie team! :)

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Thank you!

Cute and lovely comics, gehehhee... I wonder what will happen with Sambie XD.
Congratulations on your curie vote :D.

Hi, Thanks for dropping by :)

I have a few scenes in mind for a continuation and hopefully I can do it right :D

Thanks again!

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Thank you for your version of Aim to the moon, your character reminds me Simpsons although they are not completely similar but there is something in common. I like the idea to use slingshot in order to send him to the moon then we do not need expensive space vessels. But still in order to rich the aim you need to know a bit physics. Like how you made the colors to your comic, digital program gives you an opportunity to bring the painting close to animation.

That was good. i had a proper laugh going through the comic and the humor in it.

Hi Sambie, what a perfect comic you are in ! You are already my SUPERSTAR, and I love you to the moon and back, and @justnyz... your pretty cool to ❣️😍

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