Epic Battle: justnyz comics #31

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Ladies and Gentlemen!


to this once in a lifetime event.

Two brave individuals battle it out for the crown
and be the first world champion!

I present to you the...



Let's welcome our judge and the creator of this event @cobmaximus.
You can read more of the epic battles here.


As you have noticed the outline is different. Trying out different brushes and I tried coloring it use a textured brush, but I didn't like how it looks so I deleted everything.

I also give sambie a little upgrade on his eyes
and I liked it very much, so I'm keeping it.

Using the all mighty pencil brush, I sketched in haste in order to finish it today.
Yup, first time making a comic just in one day. Usually it takes me 2 days.

As what I wrote above. I used another textured brush to ink it.
It's different brush from the previous comic.

Then I colored it with a watercolor brush( yeah It doesn't look like watercolor XD)
And the dialogues are always last. I never prepare one, so after I finished drawing
that's the time I think of their dialogues. xD

Thank you for reading and I hope you had fun!
You can check my other comics below.

PREVIOUS COMIC: Hungry: justnyz comics #30

Software Used: Jump Paint by Medibang
Graphic Tablet Used: wacom Intous draw




How did you like the new brushes? I think the one for sketching is good but the inking one seems a little odd right?

No, I didn't like this brush and yeah it's really odd. I used a crayon brush and customized the setting to make it a little better because the original setting is way more worse. :D

So I decided not to re-ink it so I can see the difference of the different brushes I used.

the path of the digital artist is to find the true brushes! those are our swords :D!

HAha, man. That was funny! It flowed of Epic, to a global scale!

Uhm, water colors... hmm if you really wanted to... If Medibang's like PS here, maybe adjusting the opacity &/or flow can giiive that feel? (thinking face)

Btw, what upgrade to the eye? Making one eye larger than normal?

THanks! I'll try adjusting the opacity next time.

Yeah, a little bit upgrade...the eye furthest from you should be smaller than the one nearest from you right?

Ooooooo.... Sambie, I hope you didn’t hurt yourself in this “EPIC BATTLE!”
You are my hero, and I love the way you look, your even more handsome now. You looked so sexy standing next to the ocean in your intro picture. Such a beautiful sunset, isn’t it romantic❣️😍

Thanks for your concern julie. No one was hurt, only our eyes. :D
I original pose I made on the beach was like in the movie Karate Kid, but I wanted a fiercer look.

I think zombies don't really blink but that's just my opinion, this was a really intense battle I am laughing while commenting. Good job 😀

Thanks bro.

Yeah zombies doesn't blink, but Sambie is different. :D

XD this is so funny I Love it !!! THEIR TEARS DROWN OUT THE WORLD XD XD XD amazing <3 <3 <3

Hi @veryspider!

I'm glad you liked it! :D


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Hahaha, another great idea! I love your cartoons!

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