Meeting Baldy (A Crossover Collaboration with Reconstitution)

Heya Steemians! I did mention before that I was doing a collaboration with the creator of Baldy which is @reconstitution, the very funny and energetic guy. He told me that he had a collaboration with @justnyz before and so I thought it would be a good idea to have a simple collaboration with him too. We agreed that I will go first with 2 panels each. I saw his Baldy's comics before so I had the idea of what he looks like but I kinda altered some of his original design but good thing @reconstitution liked it.

Here's what I made.

baldycro copy.jpg

baldycro copy1.jpg

Here's @reconstitution 's response to what I made.

baldycro copy2.jpg

baldycro copy3.jpg

The response of @reconstitution was great I mean I forgot to make the conversation on my side, I am a man of action I guess. Its good that he used my style in his response. Its simple but I had fun making it, I laughed at his response good punchlines there. The overall collaboration was awesome.

The draft...

baldycro draft1.jpg

baldycro draft2.jpg

From these drafts I added some other lines needed like the B on Baldy's shirt since my character has a C on its shirt I thought it would be good on Baldy too, @reconstitution thought that it was a good design for his character. He did wondered what the C stands for in my shirt, he thought that it stands for Chibi but its really Cerwin because that's my real name, I should have put an L there instead for Looserwin. I enjoyed this collaboration with @reconstitution, we are currently making a new collaboration so better watch out for that as well. Thanks for dropping by and special thanks to @reconstitution for having this collaboration with me.


This is very cute :) Love how you show the concept stage, as well :)

Baldy was naked down there all the time?

He did have some shorts in some of the comics xD I just redrew it. I think it was at the school place comic near the ending chapter.

Ahaha, I'm not too sure myself lol!
But yeah!
Somewhere there, lol! >P<

I saw it the one with the girl I think. :P

Lol, there were 2 girls involved.
(Baldy likes girl matters that way)
Soooo. I'm still unclear! >P<

Lols haha.. I do have a girl too in my comics but only one I guess. I think Chibi Looserwin needs to learn from Baldy xD

Yes, in Baldy's world, it is acceptable to walk around like that.
With no shorts.

Due to artistic constraints.

No one in comic world made a fuss, but actor Baldy (no sooo) secretly held a grudge.

I do wonder what its like to be in Baldy's world.. >_<

Haha it's pretty fun how you guys just have a laugh at the very end

haha yeah it was a fun experience @cobmaximus, @reconstitution made the funny parts tho but I did manage to make up for it in the other collab we made.

And @reconstitution is such a great guy to work with

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Great collaboration! Nice idea, funny and creative :) Are you going to create a story or somehow develop the comic?

thanks @delishtreats. We actually collaborated another comics and we are probably going to release it at a later date.

I love his shorts and the interaction between both of you! Fun collaboration!

Nice collaboration @looserwin! Love the shorts haha

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