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RE: Aim For The Moon: justnyz comics #32

Oh hey hey!
Glad that the opacity was helpful! :D
If I had known, I'd have told you from the beginning, that that was how I had been shading the Baldy comics the whole time!! (closes own eyes!)

Yes, yes, you've been making steady improvements!
Interesting fluffy and luminary backgrounds you've cooked up!

Also, interesting jagged-ty shading for Sambie in the first panel! Could totally imagine that being overly used, so as to set up a visually distorted / warped scene to invoke a feeling of emotional imbalance (rage, despair, etc.) from involved characters!

Also nice to see what type of pens / pencils you use in Medibang (if only you used Photoshop or I used Medibang -- I'd be able to related immediately, lol!)

Once again great job, you're totally freaking consistent publishing your posts, and you always come up with interesting scenes!

Looking forward to your next post :)


Thanks man!

You can switch to Medibang XD