Russ' Entry -- "Comic Cover Contest - Round # 3"

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Hey, hey!

It's my first time entering for ANY of @cobmaximus's contests! :D Today I have taken part in his "Comic Cover Contest - Round # 3" Today is fun taking part, since I'm not serious about actually winning anything for it, lol.

Sooooo as far as I'm concerned, I'm supposed to do my version of the following cover!

Without further ado, here's the results of my half-assery endeavor!!

My Version of the Cover!

I imagine that Baldy is pointing the direction.
For this trio's destination.
But all they really care about?
Having him for themselves.


Useless Character Explanations
Mei Ha
is from this comic strip.
I've decided to draw her in the school uniform this time round.
Uhm, this girl has no name yet?
Is from here. In the last panel.
Imagined her to be the gentle kind. Found it very humorous to see her so fierce like this. :P

Art Making Process


I begin to color everything with the method shown in this YouTube video Coloring Characters the Industry Way! Photoshop! (Thanks again to @justnyz for sharing this with me!)

Yup yup.
That's all from me.
My video process is below.
Hope you enjoy!

Video Process

  • Quick Draft:
  • Inking & Coloring:
  • Preparing to Publish to the Steem Blockchain:
  • Source

    Scott Pilgrim Cover :
    From Cobmaximus' Post
    (which in turn sources Wikipedia here)

    Discord Groups I've Joined!:

    MAN CAVE_FINAL.jpg steemit-webcomics discord channel

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    hahaha I can't believe this is the first time joining the contests xD It's awesome what you did :D

    Yo yo yo! xD
    Thanks man!
    Yeah, I'm surprised I'm finally here, haha. (Thanks to @looserwin, for prodding me into it!)

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    :D! you never know when you are going to win :P

    Nice picture, Russell :) You really nailed the Scott Pilgrim style well !!

    Good luck in the contest !!! <3

    Hi hi!
    Wow, what a compliment! :O
    Ya ya, thanks for the wish :)

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    kamei ha mei ha?

    Ahahaha! xD
    You saw that hidden joke, haha :)

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    Wow! Russ! I love the colours!

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