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RE: Hi my name is: Dave - Issue #2 by @cobmaximus

in #steemit-webcomics2 years ago

Oh yeah!

Cool, cool, cool!
Fantastic comic art Maximus!
Is Maximus your name? lol just guessing!

Anyways, you're very creative and have full of imaginations.
You made that for 2 weeks so its very worth it!
Congratulations and the @curie upvote as well!


Thanks a lot @ronel :). Haha no, my name is not Maximus, but you can call me Cob if you want.

Yeah this comics take a lot of time, I should see how it can make faster comics

Cool Cob!

You're fast and a fast learner as well.
Keep it up boy!
You're still very young right?
You're still a kid? Oh my gosh!
Kids not allowed here I guess lol

lol no I'm no kid xD hahaha I just look young :P

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