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RE: Steemit Earning Guide Series for Frustrated Minnows & Newbies - Part # 1 - Comment, Comment, Comment!!!

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This was very handy for me. Only completed my first post today and have previously found it hard to get any good guidance on how to interact on this platform. I now know that commenting is pretty crucial to the continued development and popularity of your steemit profile (something which wont be achieved just by making high quality, engaging posts).



Commenting is the number one thing as per my opinion. Look at your comment for example. I liked reading it and gave it an upvote. Your reputation was 28 before and 29 after my upvote. It happened only because you made a good comment.

I'm sure more interaction will bring you followers, upvotes and more reputation. Welcome to Steemit and have a wonderful journey!

Thanks man! I've followed you because all your content regarding Steemit, it's mechanics and how to make the most of it have been very easy for me to understand.

You're an asset to the community.

Thank you so much for your kind feedback. I tried to simplify the learning for newbies and I am glad to see that it's working.