How Aami Comes to Know about Steemit!!!

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One hand on my sweet coffee and other on my phone dragging over and over the same reel contents on Instagram, heard a huge sound from the kitchen. I ran and saw my friend screaming confused. That is not a usual combination. It was terrific.

"What is it?" I asked. He is still in the confused but non screaming state. But he was checking, checking and checking the mail and a green site. "Again, What is it?" I asked. No answer..... But he give me a nice glance which he usually gives when i say 'o instead of 0'.

Earlier he was talking about dejavu.... and was asking me not to do anything to piss him off as he feels the dejavu is still on run. I really thought its dejavu and started sipping the coffee evenif it had gone that cold. It was a pure cliche, or atleast i felt that way.

After finishing my coffee, cleaning the cup and even finishing a call from my dad; still he is in the laptop less confused. Again "what happened??" "I got 8 dollars from steemit" said Shafan. I thought its from Brave Browser or from EduMetrix airdrop. "No, No.... its from the content I posted" I again underestimated for Medium, But NO..... It was from Steemit. He just posted some reviews in steemit and got paid!!!


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"Really!!!!!" I was literally going through some mixed feelings. I know i am good at writing, and was happy. But i am usually not that good with the reviews other than Samsung phones. So was lil sad till he said i can post anything. I was happy, and I am.

How about it!!!! Without even finishing that exclamation, he made me signup for steemit And I am here. A new writer in steemit.

I am Amuta Sivadas from Kerala, residing in Bangalore, India for work. I work as M&A manager for a blockchain project, which i will for sure discuss in further posts. Covid is treating me so badly, and i am so bored. I am here to write on my weird fantasies, life, feelings, work, projects and about some giveaways..... So hope to see you all in the next topic.