Piston is broken

in #steemit5 years ago

The very cool tool Piston (https://github.com/xeroc/piston) provided by @xeroc is unfortunately broken.
The command "set node" has no effect. It took me a long time to figure out I wasn't doing anything wrong and that it was just the updated version of piston that was broken. I hope this will save other people time.

#steemit #steem #piston


Please report bugs on github. Otherwise it will be lost

hi xeroc, thanks for this tool.
I did report in "issues" : https://github.com/xeroc/piston/issues/36
can you test and confirm? Maybe it's really me doing something wrong but I don't think so. Reinstalling the previous version fixed it : set node was working again.

I was able to vote this up in piston web but when I try to reply there is no post button. I am running Mint Linux/32bit.

are you talking about the piston graphic interface?

That's right.

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