These witnesses are powering down please unvote them!

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From the top 50 list of witnesses on the witness voting page :

These ones are powering down :

roadscape, smooth.witness, witness.svk, pharesim, complexring, blocktrades, steemed, riverhead, steempty, clayop, wackou, jabbasteem, silversteem, ihashfury, joseph, au1nethyb1, kushed, steemychicken1, jesta, bhuz, cyrano.witness, nextgencrypto, pfunk, masteryoda, aizensou, linouxis9, dele-puppy, dantheman

I think the least we can ask from our witnesses is that they don't power down when the value of steem is not doing so great. So today I decided to unvote all who power down.


Most witnesses are financing different projects with their payment. Unvoting those kills off the projects. Think long-term.

do you have any examples?

For myself it's
You'll have to check the others yourself. Choose your witnesses carefully, but the power down alone isn't a valid reason for a decision imo.,, and are all the projects I'm paying for out of pocket for the most part. My power down of ~50 STEEM a week doesn't even cover my server costs, and I doubt me selling anything has an influence on the market.

The only rational reason to remove a vote for a witness is if he is not performing his duties. Powering down is not a legit reason.

Maybe it's an exit strategy

being a witness and powering down means you're putting loads of steem on the market. Not good if you ask me.

sorry for being so newb on this, but what is a witness? check out this link
here you can vote for who is going to be the next witnesses. Their job is to keep steem running and to do this job they receive huge amounts of steem. I don't remember the numbers but it's really huge.

Actually powering down when the price is cheap is good no?

It helps people that couldn't afford steem before to now buy in and invest.

if you're going to buy 10 dollars worth of steem, it doesn't matter if the price is high or low, you always have 10 dollars to invest

Right. But we aren't talking about small amounts. If you believe in the project. And you want to power up your steempower to a high level. So when you vote you can upvote others and make them help money. Then you'll want the price to be low so you can buy in bulk.

people and especially witnesses are allowed to make money. Its right of every user to powerd down.

how do you unvote a witness?

May I just ask this question:

How come STEEMIT just allows a very important service (the maintenance and personal involvement of the maintainer) to be paid for by the WITNESS himself?

If STEEMIT will grow to be so so huuuuugeeeeeee, one person (I mean if you are not BILL GATES or DONALD TRUMP etc etc), you can not simply afford this effort, let alone pay it. If we all think long term here, the earnings of STEEMIT as a whole should pay for these mission-critical servers and let the experts do their job.

Take it as like a "deduction" of a witness' earnings will be just fine, but letting a WITNESS pay for so huge a monthly fee is really not long-term; believe me all of you I am a Systems Designer for these Systems. Added to this, a WITNESS operates on votes, and votes are "blindly" given here; there should be auto-witness votes when a certain service/server attains a very good milestone, this will keep the witness earnings to at least be steady and do his job efficiently. I can imagine RPC nodes here to be about 10x per witness (futuristic), if you are just voted to a certain limit NOBODY can afford that fee man, no way for sure.

If auto-UPVOTES are allowed here, why not auto-WITNESS-UPVOTE if a certain criteria is reached? This will clearly reward the CORRECT person, and a good vote will not be wasted as not all here even know what a witness vote is for sure, maybe 70% here does not know.

As per @jerrybanfield report, a certain whale auto-upvotes himself, can we not have a mechanism to at least half of those self-voting whales give his malpractice some sanctions by transferring his rewards (in auto) to very good witnesses as server fees monthly? I really think this is possible.

It does not add up guys, let us all be reasonable. Regards.