Power RESTEEM to 1648 followers - Resteems fuel the growth of steemit - #13

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Do you want me to resteem your post to my 1648 followers?

This is all you have to do:
Follow me (I only resteem the posts of my followers)
Upvote this post
Comment your post link

That is it
Your post will be resteemed

Do you have additional posts to resteem?

Transfer 0.005 SBD to @abasinkanga and put your post url link in the memo field, to resteem more posts

Text gotten from "Power RESTEEM to 1588 followers - Resteems link authors to curators- #12" by @abasinkanga


Post resteemed. Enjoy!

Hi there! I have followed and upvoted! Great service BTW. Could you please resteem this post: https://steemit.com/steemit/@contentking/win-10-sbd-by-helping-me-celebrate-a-rep-of-60

Post resteemed. Enjoy!

@minnowpond1 has voted on behalf of @minnowpond. If you would like to recieve upvotes from minnowpond on all your posts, simply FOLLOW @minnowpond. To be Resteemed to 4k+ followers and upvoted heavier send 0.25SBD to @minnowpond with your posts url as the memo

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