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Do you want me to resteem your post to my 1688 followers?

This is all you have to do:
Follow me (I only resteem the posts of my followers)
Upvote this post
Comment your post link

That is it
Your post will be resteemed

Do you have additional posts to resteem?

Transfer 0.005 SBD to @abasinkanga and put your post url link in the memo field, to resteem more posts

Text gotten from "Power RESTEEM to 1588 followers - Resteems link authors to curators- #12" by @abasinkanga


Post resteemed. Enjoy!

Upvoted and here is my link https://steemit.com/toys/@spacetrucker/power-of-prisma-wolverine-blues-pt-3

thanks again for helping me get more attention!

and followed duh!

Post resteemed. Enjoy!

@mrainp420 has voted on behalf of @minnowpond. If you would like to recieve upvotes from minnowpond on all your posts, simply FOLLOW @minnowpond. To be Resteemed to 4k+ followers and upvoted heavier send 0.25SBD to @minnowpond with your posts url as the memo

I followed you and i think that you should be interested in sharing this post to your followers and possibly resteem it:

Your links are faulty, please check them again...
And i will resteem only 1 link you comment here.

thanks, @abasinkanga, if it works that sounds awesome! i'm not suggesting it won't, of course, i'm just saying :-) so... let's give it a go? here is my link, hope you like it:
thanks and have a great weekend! i don't have any steem money to spend on promoting my posts yet :-( so i cant try out resteeming like you have offered after the 1st resteem (and others offer at varying prices), but hopefully this way i can earn some - and then we can just do everything together! steem-wise, that is ;-D i just want to share my political "humour" with as many people as possible, lolz.
take it easy,

If you cannot spend the steem money, then look out for new power resteem posts and paste your link.

Post resteemed. Enjoy!

hey @abasinkanga. so i got some SBD. i sent you 0.005 for a tattoo post resteem. check it out its a cool piece of ink!

Post resteemed. Thanks!

Post resteemed. Enjoy!

Thank you for this service. Upvoted you. I'm already your follower, my link here : https://steemit.com/life/@topex/daily-inspirational-quotes-10-08-2017

Post resteemed. Enjoy!

Upvoted the post. Was already your follower! Hahah :)

Here is my post
Steemit Lotto Weekly # 0 - Minimum Pot Size 10 SBD

Post resteemed. Enjoy!

Many thanks for resteeming my post XD


Followed + upvoted this post, thanks for this service. Here is my link: https://steemit.com/poetry/@raj808/canopy

Post resteemed. Enjoy!

Hi! Followed and upvoted this post, a lot of thanks for this service. Here is my link:

It's a great idea to support everyone who is working on steemit. I truly congratulate you on your success.

My Post - https://steemit.com/lifestory/@dobartim/kiss-the-shark-if-you-re-a-dude-is-our-life-determined-by-courage

Thanks! However you need to be following me first before i resteem your post.

By the way, Why is cheetah flagging you?

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