Which point don't you agree on? I would be glad to give you details about each of them.

About the link, it was so obvious, that was the first thing to do, this name is copyrighted and using it will cause troubles...

Well, from the top:

  • There are plenty of smart people involved with Hive
  • Acting like kids is subjective, and one could say that about some of Sun's words and actions
  • 'Asses at risk', what do you mean?
  • 'Arbitrary criteria' - the accounts voting Sun's witnesses, not arbitrary. Not saying I agree with this move entirely but the criteria is pretty clear
  • I have seen a lot of spam posts since 2016
  • I'm no expert in this field but suspect this mining company, with no blockchain of their own, has no case at all

Smart people would have checked and googled the name they choosed for their project. Or let forget that and let presume that there are still some smart people, I guess we are not talking about people who made bidbots and abused of the reward pool right? Because for me making money does not necessarily mean to be smart.
Let say some are smart but obviously not the majority of them. Otherwise they would have listened what other people said and take it into consideration. I personaly felt betrayed when I was the first one to think about all of them, including witnesses, devs and users. They choosed to make everything on their own without any communication with us, me and some other devs who are fully commited to steem since years. And hopefully I/We will show to all of them that they made a misstake by doing so.

Yeah it's kind a bit subjective and maybe on this you are right, even if the old mafia started it, both sides did it too.

"Asses at risk", sorry for my english, I meant that some of the old top witnesses and biggest abusers/milkers of this chain and even of the SPS system felt like they were going to have hard times and see their profits going down :)
Don't tell me it was because of centralization or censorship, those people were already centralizing Steem and voting only for their buddies. And they were also the first to censor post with downvotes, or to promote them with upvotes, being the only entity who can censor you on the chain and on all UI's since most of apps use downvotes to hide contents. So I feel like it's all about money. Money is great but the respect and the transparency worth more.

Making a meeting with few people to vote on who deserves or not the tokens, is it what you call objective? For me it's arbitrary, and since steemchiller is in the list it's even fucked up. Nearly none of them did what this guy made for Steem. And I don't know him at all nor I have any relation with him. Same for some other guys who only tried to calm down the situation and got punished for it. And what about not dropping tokens to poloniex users too? Is that also objective? What those users did to them, except using an exchange who is owned by Justin... They got excluded even without choosing a side. WTF :)

The spam in the past is different than the spam which is being made actually, it's all about "leave steem and go on hive". And everyone is feeling a pressure to make a decision... While they should be able to take their own decision without a comment on each of their post. Why I decided to stay on Steem, except being betrayed? I don't want anyone to put a pressure on me nor my team to make a decision. I received a ton of insult and unplesant messages from hive people... But in contrary to other people that are trying to take benefit of both sides, I made my decision before the hardfork and stated clearly my point of view.

I'm not an expert too but those people seems to have not taken this lightly. Hopefully its like manniman said and they will not have any problem... But since Franck Holmes in invested in the project, I guess they havent made the half of the work.

Well thanks for your time :) I guess I'm also a bit subjective in my talks but it's hard to put aside my feels. That's also why I made this post.