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RE: Asking for a delegation to Steemit and misterdelegation to help in the support and fight together against old witnesses of the new clone called ¨H¨.

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Hi @edgarare1,
I have the feeling that the power struggle between the old witnesses and steemit has come to a point where people are simply bored of this subject and we are kind of forced to take sides. I believe that this is bad for both blockchains as I see less posts and interactivity on both blockchains.

I believe that you are doing a great job on steem. You are a person that offers real help to my friends from Venezuela and I like your posts. I think that a delegation would help you to continue your work.

Best regards,


Hello @achim03

You are absolutely right, I agree with you, the old witnesses and whales after having squeezed #steem for a long time, now they are attacking him and they are also attacking users, the old witnesses and whales never showed support for the community, they only look to the community for their benefit by leading them in a forced movement to a fully cloned and 100% centralized system called “H”. This is a war of the old witnesses and whales that have lost their power to @steemit. But let's have people who believe in #steem because we got here by Steem and @steemit.

Still the ancient witnesses and whales drop all their power to the steemit team giving their publications a lot of downvotes, the important thing is not to fall into that game again, and teach the community that steemit showed us all his support.

Thank you, I am doing what I can to continue helping your community and the new communities that are created in steemit, I hope I have all the support that I am looking for and request the support also from @bullionstackers and with your authority this can be a reality and we form a most powerful community for the future.

thanks a lot for your support...!!