Delegating 2 Steempower to @elipowell so the Steemit Communication DIrector can have enough Resource Credits on her Steem Account to Communicate to Steem users on the Steem Blockchain. on behalf of SteemChat Ackza Clayboyn and concerned Steemians.

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We've felt like Eli [ @elipowell ] was unusually silent since coming to the STEEM blockchain, we only recently realized that it's because she didn't have any resource credits and not that she hated us. So today we've decided to rectify this gross oversite and open a line of communication with Steemit Inc
you can take that verbatim @ackza


So I delegated 2 SP to her account after we discovered @elipowell didnt even have ! steempower! At just 0.102 SP she probably just didnt even have enough Steem,power and thus Resource credits to even post ;)


I was given permission to post this and remember @ned and @elipowell its all in good jest. We will continue to dunk on you metaphorically until eli actually buys some steempower and powers it up so she can post! Seems like she hasnt even logged in to accept the rewards she earned from early posts! ?? She SHOULD have a lot more SP than this.... :D its kind of ridiculous that the steemit COMMUNICATIONS director is in this position :D Like @ned couldn't handle someone more seriously into steemit and steem??? ALSO I saw some stories about her being the new CEO... is there something ned isnt telling us???

The company’s new managing director, Elizabeth Powell, was formerly the company’s head of communications and advocacy, and has replaced former CEO Ned Scott, which is now Steemit’s executive chairman. Powell is now leading Steemit, which has 12 full-time employees.


Anyway here is a Working Discord invite link top the super secret Invite only STEEMCHAT discord for STEEMIANS :D The Discord where everyoen is getting along just fine even me. .

Oh and here is a relevant meme of @dan and @ned


Yes, a bit more of eating their own dogfood needs to be going on at Steemit Inc.

yeah most have accepted they are gone forever, i disagree and as soon as price goes up @ned will be back to do some sell offs, which we NEED to decentralize his stake... i hope he can do it during a bull run, haha maybe hes doing it NOW? holding steem at a 40 cent stable coin :D

the funny thing is tho, because of how SBD works, you can start pumping steem at any tiume by pumping SBD first, AND becauyse of all these btc whales now with all this profit they took over the last few days, we MIGHt be lucky and find out a few BTC whales who took profit ALSO own some steem, and we MIGHt see some peopel buying up steem now with some of that BTC profit?

last time BTC went to all time high in dec 2017, na month later we saw the spike in jan of $8+ steem :D

Idk what to think, if this is something funny or very sad.

Oh believe us, we feel the same. It is indeed both funny but also very sad and should be a wakeup call to anyone investing in steem as steemit inc is such a large owner of the token.

Perhaps will turn things around?


Is it a wake up call?
Anyway, it's a terrible communication from Steemit to the community.
Nothing learned.
Have a nice day

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I'm glad we could be of service to the whole STEEM community and rectify this great injustice.

This is my new favorite thing

lol, you gotta love it. Still waiting for the finical report. Not sure we will ever get it

HAH Financial report? what like steemit inc is a real company that has profit and shareholders???what an insane idea, maybe @ned can flag you for even bringing the IDEA of a Steem IPO mixed with a steem ICo where steem is re offered but this time you get 1 share of steem IPO with every 1000 Steem you power up with a SMT for 2 year power up :D

LOL! Well deserved



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Thanks to @elgeko for this uber meme, this superior rare meme was shown to me in the STEEMCHAT discord of @whatsup and friends as referenced in the post above... these messages do not reflect the opinions of whatsup or associates

Ahahaha brilliant, totally! So utterly sad, it causes me to laugh. Does anyone really wonder why investors skip right over steem!

I mean why would she want to invest $100 bucks, she already knows too much I am sure.Same crap different day. We saw how much Ned cared when he would tweet and never post. The apple doesnt fall far from the tree.

You're upping the drama to new levels! Have a DRAMA.

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