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For those people who want to learn more about the ACOM concept and how much of it has been delivered and how much is currently under construction then why not pay a visit to our super cool website at Here you can access details about our vision and what we are attempting to create here at ACOM. You can also meet some of the team! The site has some very useful and important information about the ACOM project and should help you with many of your questions. Our very helpful FAQ section should give you the answers to many common questions.


The website acts as one of our gateways in to the ADSactly ethos and the ACOM project. The site can help you understand more why we are in the crypto, what we have already accomplished and what we intend to create also teaches you more about Autonomous Decentralised Societies, which of course is the key foundation block of our vision. You'll also find plenty of links to our Discord server, so why not click on one of them and join us for a chat and a coffee.


At you can also learn about some of the key services ACOM will be offering very soon. The nuts and bolts for many of these services are still being added and we have a ton of things currently under construction but we are getting there.

If you have questions which the website can't answer for you or you would like to provide us with some feedback and any suggestions you might have the please feel free to use the contact page on the site to send us a message, jump into our Discord or Telegram servers or email us at [email protected]

The ACOM Team



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Yes, it's a very nice and slick looking web site! I'm just glad to see some kind of development happening in association with Steem... or, at least, with a presence here.

Thanks @denmarkguy appreciate those words, the more we develop the more we will integrate our project with Steem.

@acom, Excellent post. Thanks for your information. friend. Congratulations on your excellent project. May God reward you with many successes and achievements.

I wish I had more fiat and more Steem to support you with bigger upvotes. I am working very hard to increase my Steem power day in and day out. Acom and Steem to the moon.... if you also post on Blurt I can give you 100Blurt upvotes over there....

Hey @offgridlife, please don't worry you have been one of our top supporters ever since we arrived, thank you for that.

What will become of ACOM, once U.S. Electronic Coinage is Activated...???
March 28, 2021... 21.3 Hollywood Time...

I just checked out this website very useful thank you for sharing this link!

Hey @silvertop it's great that you comment and engage with us and give us all this positive vibe, but can we ask is there any reason why you don't ever support our posts with a vote?

You are absolutely correct, I am following you now, and I just upvoted your last post and I will support your post😀
Looking forward to the future with ACOM!

Thanks for that, appreciate your support and commitment.

Great update and web site. Upvoted at 100% ... thank you for your support also... you are making Steemit great again. Especially for the little Creators like me. You keep me going.

Greetings @acom friends

I would like to start with the minimum to get to know the behavior and for this great effort that you make.

Binance is closed for Venezuelans, so it is not an option for me.