ACOM Swap Bot Nearing Completion

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Good evening guys! The ACOM Team wants to give you all an update on the ACOM Swap Bot that is currently under construction. Good news it's progressing very well indeed and nearing completion. We are showing you some screenshots from the development and testing process.


The ACOM Swap Bot will offer ACOM holders an automated process to swap their ACOM tokens from ACOM ETH to ACOM BSC and vice versa. As ACOM develops its ecosystem and launches the ACOM token on other chains these chains will also eventually be integrated into the Swap Bot.


You will be able to link your Metamask wallet to the Swap Bot as well as a host of other wallets including TrustWallet, TokenPocket and of course Binance Chain Wallet.


This is great news for ACOM holders and potential buyers as it gives flexibility to ACOM holders and empowers them with more control over how they wish to distribute and diversify their ACOM investments.


It's great to see our ACOM Swap Bot close to completion and as soon as it is functional we will of course let you guys know.

The ACOM Team



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Pretty huge news, need to pass this around!

caramba muy buena noticia [email protected] gracias por compartirla ,esperamos llegar a feliz termino,saludos desde enezuela,bendiciones, cuidese

The work being done by the entire @acom development team is admirable, always thinking of providing better customer service. congratulations on this breakthrough
I wish you all a great night and a well deserved rest

Nice job guys, it's good to see a new bot under development. I hope this bot helps Acom holders to take advantage of the project. Congratulations for your progress, Steem on :)

#onepercent #venezuela #affable

Awesome, looks like a cooler version of Uniswap. Well done!

Wow... I'm sure many people are watching the progress...
April 8, 2021... 5.0 Hollywood Time...

Great news.... upvoted, Resteemed and tweeted,...

Excellent I will be watching as this progresses!🤗

Thanks to the team @acom for their excellent work to provide their support.

you always working to improve. I thank you for your support and for publicizing the events.

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