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Hello guys! Our current president AQOM is sharing another great inside trading tip with you all. We must say this does look like a very interesting one indeed and certainly worth a look at. So lets get on with it.


Serious investors should be looking at Genesis Shards right now.

From the Genesis Shards own website it looks like a very expansive project indeed. It claims that it is a new marketplace for pre-IDO tokens on NFTS. It seeks to transform NFTS into a liquidity vehicle for pre-IDO tokens, as well as creating some very interesting defi products on a multitude of blockchains.

So if you're a seasoned crypto trader and looking for another investment to broaden that portfolio of yours or you're less experienced but want a solid upcoming token to invest in then take a look at the Genesis Shards project. The website can be accessed here:

Also if you're thinking of investing you should definitely check out the video below.


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Thanks to share this post really helpfull post

hello dear friend @acom good afternoon
I really appreciate the research work you do and share with all of us, something that individually would cost us significant research time to find an investment opportunity like this. Thank you very much for summing up our time and facilitating business opportunities like these.
I take this opportunity to wish you a happy start to the week. Success for everyone

Good afternoon friend @acom li I congratulate you for your great work and for providing us with information.

excellent information friend @acom. have a great night.

Sounds like good info to check out! Thanks for sharing items like this. 😎

@acom, thanks friend for sharing this information. Happiness and success

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