Current ACOM Steemit Full Upvote Value Stands At $3.05

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Yes that's right a 100% upvote from our ACOM Steemit account will currently give you a $3.05 upvote to your post. Each evening ACOM goes out and about in the Steemit community hunting down high quality posts. We also reach out to others and support their work as we attempt to build meaningful and healthy relationships here on Steemit.

Many of you will now be familiar with ACOM on Steemit and have enjoyed the support from our account. With the price of Steem fluctuating but generally moving in an upward direction many of you guys have enjoyed upvotes from us to the tune of $3.75! Not too shabby eh?

So if you think you deserve an upvote from us don't be afraid to jump into our ACOM Discord server and leave one of your posts in our Post Curation Channel in the Steemit Category. We constantly check our Curation Channel and all high quality posts will be considered. Jump into the ACOM General Channel and say hello and you might just get our attention more!

It has been great fun wandering around Steem Town these past few weeks. We have discovered so much great work and have met some very interesting and ultra nice people who we are getting to know very well. We are looking forward to supporting much more work and getting to know more people. Bring it on!

The ACOM Team



ACOM Discord

ADSactly Discord


This is an excellent point. I, as a person, like to publish publications that benefit people and benefit them in their lives, and I do not like spreading trivialities and matters that do not benefit nations, such as things that stir desires and trivialities, and I only love knowledge knowledge with science We develop with science we know the truth with science. Corruption is everywhere @acom

Hey @ifgiaa thanks for stopping by, I'm pleased you appreciate our post and we appreciate your well considered comment, thank you for that.

hello dear friends @acom good night
Congratulations on the great work you are doing in our company, your support is highly valued and appreciated.

The invitation link to the discord gives (invitation not valid) I do not know if it only happens to me, I have tried several times, but it continues to give that error
I take this opportunity to wish the whole team a happy start to the week

No idea why this keeps happening, we always use a permanent link! Grrrrr! Thanks for letting us know, the link should work now.

the invitation to discord still does not work this is the error that indicates

Yes it does work.

In my case it still doesn't work, I don't know what might be happening, I'm going to try another search platform

Now you can login, I have already joined the server
sorry for the inconvenience
have a very good night

Awesome work here on .... ACOM is making Steemit a great place to blog again. Upvoted at 100 %

Thanks and appreciate your support as always!

Congratulations @acom team!

wow, this sounds really good. Thanks for sharing.

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