Steem Back On The Up - Currently Trading At $0.44

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After the past few days in which we've seen the price of Steem dip from a recent high of $0.56 we're delighted to see it on the rise again, currently the price of Steem is $0.44. This represents a very healthy recovery from the previous correction. We're hoping this is a sign that Steem has locked in gains and has now built some solid foundations to maintain a default price of at least $0.35 going forward.

If Steem can prove that it has now left its former base price of around $0.20 which we have witnessed for the past 18 months then perhaps Steem has now entered a new era. Let's all hope so. Go Steem! Go!

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Hello dear friends of @acom
Thank you very much for touching the subject and giving your view
I think the value of the steem will grow slowly, I estimate that by the end of the year it will be around US $ 1
I take this opportunity to wish the whole team an excellent weekend

Congrats to those people who gain

Hopefully the price of Steem will continue to skyrocket ..

Great news. Steem keeps rising .... shared with 300 Million people on Twitter ....

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