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We jumped from the small pool down below to the top of this waterfall, We are still there at the top trying not to fall back over the edge. But that is were we like to be right on the edge. Not living dangerous, breaking into new territory, doing things for a different outcome to what has previously been an established agenda. We will eventually change the rules. The rules we change depend on how many voices want those changes.

We have begun one project with a 50 Steem delegation and named it @thehouse. This project will be explained in a future post, by this account or by thehouse account. A further 50 Steem is needed in delegation to thehouse account. this will be provided as accounts grow to provide it.

The vote not as high as we would like on reward it's a bit of a bummer. We will get past this.

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Update. Acta-vote.

Not going to shove these posts down your eyes. You read these posts or you do not. So No tags this post for any supporters of the projects undertaken. It just feels too much like chasing votes. (maybe I should be doing that) I hate it when it feels like I am tagged just so I will vote. So tagging you is something I try avoid.

Our vote is lower than wished, It is still voting at 0.30 - 0.35 Steem on a post, this should rise with the vote level set a bit lower, meaning it will vote higher from less vote power being used. If we can find a balance at 0.40 - 0.45 Steem. We would be getting back on track.

Subscription are closed to new members for this projects. Anyone already participating is welcome to renewal of subscription during this adjustment phase.

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Update Yes We Can

@yeswecan is still going and taking subscriptions for the Euro Millions Lottery. for as little as 0.10c Steem you can have a chance at you share of 130 Million Euro
Send your 0.10 Steem on over to @yeswecan and get subscribed for the next two draws.

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Still aware of the early stages we are in, we are putting some effort into growing a foundational support through integration-al resource development,

We are thinking of ways to expand our asset and improve our chances of success. Taking new looks at Steem and what is there to see resources which can be used to gain traction.

The Hive plays poker and any winning go to power up The Hive account.
we are looking at other options too for generating extra Steem Power to the accounts.

At some point down the road we will combine all efforts to ensure the finance needed to advance stage 2.

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Lower vote values are just a temporary thing I hope. I am closing in on 2000 SP soon, I really did not think I would ever see that when I started, but it is getting closer to a reality. The funding will grow, and the more that is held for now the faster it will grow, but at some point in time it will need to be used, but hopefully when the time comes to spend, the accounts can get by on just the liquid parts of the rewards, and continue to grow.

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