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The first leg on the horse. Or maybe fin on the fish in this instance. Our beginning is our history now and the future is what we write it to be. To the big guys out there, I do not think you are doing a decent job, below average, I would say you are doing with the stake and the responsibility it holds.

I look to the working of the real world. I see the distaste people have for the way things work. the protection given to people against the actions they might take. The clauses that prevent prosecution or recuperation of loss from the negligence of other;s. Only doing my job. Should not be acceptable for the destruction of environments and sea's.

The accumulation of plastics in our oceans and wildlife is not a necessity. It is a consequence of society. The cost to living is inflated to prevent the use of other materials for packaging. The choices made that each must abide by are made by a few for the benefit of the few. We have failed as a people in that we cannot remove these same people from a position they hold. We have very little say on who will hold those positions.

We could go on and on forever here about what is wrong. All the different things that are wrong, The reasons why they do not change why we cannot change them, (yet). It would get us no where. If we know what is wrong. To keep on just talking about what is wrong will never get it fixed.

The same system works here. The design of the system Proof of Stake and the ability of that stake to control the reward system is nothing more than corruption encouragement. We could go on and on about Steemit and Steem two separate entities and we would do nothing to alter the systems we work under. The only way to begin a change is to begin something.

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What will we build?

Just about anything we would like to.

Right now my immediate goals are to grow the Steem asset bigger. Reward systems are how I plan to do this. Offering communities and individuals a profitable reward to their post. This vote is a low vote and would not be of any interest to the whales who promote their post through promotional votes.

Later our goals will be to create new industry from Steem and recycled back to the Steem chain..

Along side this I will publish reports on the progress of the account as it grows. This hopefully generates a bit of extra growth.

We would also like to invite others to write for the Acta account and claim 50% of the generated reward through the beneficiary option.

Through these beginning projects we aim to grow to provide a demand for Steem. We will do this from the industries we generate from the investment of Steem.

We Can

What we can do is create a greater demand for Steem and increase this demand to a point that prevents is from falling below a predetermined price. Let's not go to the extremes of If @ned turns out to be a mass murderer and goes to his local mall and shoots it up the price is going to plummet. What will we do then? How do you prevent that?

Yea let's not think those things are possible and keep a bit in line with reality.
Working within the norms we know this is very possible. We see it done already in the current financial systems. We just need to build up to that point of ability. This could actually be as low as a couple of hundred bucks a week to have the Steem tide rise.
It will rise slow though. Giving those smaller boat owners time to trade up or move their boat away from deeper waters. Consideration for every level can be taken into account and benefits awarded on merits along with investment of time or finance.

This last week we have seen a growth of 0.75% This is the initial influx of interest along with some contribution.
A nice start since we do not officially try to begin our growth until after the Hard Fork. The beginning rush has happened and I would expect the next week to be 50% of the growth we had this week.

There are many people I would like to see grow, for many different reasons. Helping everyone grow is not something I can do right now. Maybe something I will never be able to do. I can grow to help some though. While doing so grow some around me too.

That brings us to our vote service. It is not designed to make you rich over night. you will still have to work at building up relationships with others. (One place were I fail).
The vote on subscription bring in a 0.30c reward to your wallet after curating for a subscription of 20c per vote.

This is mostly for within Steemit. Outside of Steemit we want development too. This development does not have to be the development of Dapps. software to run a script online. the development for Steem should take on other directions too. BIG FAIL @Steem

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For how many years now have we tried to make a digital currency do the work of a FIAT one? How many times has it not worked? How many times was it done in the same way?

Let us take a new approach and do things differently. Let's take a chance on building a bit of something up before we invite the rest of the world to come take a look. we are basically asking them to come take a look at nothing. We do not have a reward scalable enough to offer a financial benefit to most users. We can develop were more can be available to make use of.

This has to be done through a Steem industry and not an investment into Steem. We begin this project tomorrow with the ideology of a penny a day saved. We can manage that much and possibly a bit more. The greater the fund we can raise the less reliance we will have on others. Providing a road to give the early investor a better return for their investment.

Many are stressing over the Hard Fork and the effect it will have on a mass population that does not get considered in changes. It will also offer new opportunity for a wide range of the member base, It did open up the door to us after all.

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There is a lot of potential for steem, and it is a shame so much of it gets overlooked. Hard Forks, like any change in life in general can be disconcerting at first, we need to understand that with out change either good or bad or indifferent all we have is stagnation. Stagnation leads to slow suffocation, So while we may be unsure of the direction of the changes coming, we need to learn to change that which we can change, and if we do not know how to change something then learn how.

Actions speak louder than words and I do like some of the actions you are taking.

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