If you're reading this... You Are LUCKY!!! See what the future has coming!

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I know if you have been in crypto the last year it has been a wild ride, and it is easy to get discouraged. You also have all the posts, videos, blogs, etc saying this and that, so it's hard sometimes to pick out what to believe. Some people post extremely good stuff about crypto or extremely bad.

I especially love the trading channels that say that market will either go up or down and it will do this and that. Basically they cover almost every scenario when they talk, so when something happens they say
"If you look at my last video I predicted this! I said we were going to have a big increase with bitcoin.
Sure you also said may have a big increase or big increase coming soon.
This is why it's best to do research yourself and invest in what you like.

With that said just know the sun will rise... It always does.

I want you to think back to last year around November and December. When the prices of all the coins were going crazy. You all probably said what I said: " Man I wish I had got in earlier" I was lucky enough to buy into bitcoin at $1200 but I still was buying more at the really expensive prices and as the market was crashing I had made a couple of bad moves here or there but for the most part I was just holding my coins. Watching become less and less everyday. I stopped putting new money in and just sat and waited.

Now I feel like enough time has gone by to start putting in new money again. Prices are very low right now especially for Steem! I remember when this coin was around like $7.

I only try an invest in coins where I like the project, and Steem is one of my favorites. This very well could be one of those times where getting in now is worth more than getting in a year ago. With some time, I believe Steemit could become one of the huge social media platforms in the world.

Think about this. Years ago kids wanted to be actors or singers to get famous. Now many of them just want to get internet famous, and social media is where this happens.

The future, I believe will be bright for all of us on Steemit especially the ones who got in early! Most people don't even know Steemit exists yet.

Once more and more people find out you can get paid for your content we could grow, hopefully as big or bigger than any other social media site. So even if your new and only make a few cents on your posts, just save it for now. Those pennies of Steem could be worth much more in the coming years!

I use to service Mark Cubans corporate aircraft and his small fleet of airliners from time to time, so I would get to talk to him (usually just a very little bit) but one time I asked him what advice he had for a guy like me just trying to make it in the world. He told me make your own path. Do what your passionate about and let nothing or no one stand in your way.

I took that as this: Sometimes people won't agree with you or your choices but they are your choices. Be proud of them and never stop trying to achieve what you want in life.

I am passiante about the Steeemit platform and it's growing with new users everyday. Plus I read that right now it's the #1 crypto currency in the world in terms of market transactions per day. Stuff like that will keep Steem in the crypto news and hopefully keep us growing.

So support everyone and try to help some of the newer guys out. I myself haven't been as active in the last few months but I was busy switching jobs and moving. Now I will try and dedicate some more time to this platform.

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*Disclaimer There are many coins out there so make sure you do your own research as I am not a financial advisor just a guy trying to make it in the world.

Mark Cuban's 757 (Usually used for the Dallas Mavericks)

Me with Gulfstream V (When you get the mega bucks you get this plane!)


photo sunrise is simply amazing)
beautiful post)
I also believe in Steemit) but as there is a sunrise so there is also a sunset, it should not be ruled out, but to emphasize what you love, despite what others say) I agree with you)

Thank you I took that when I lived in Arizona, we had great skies out there!

I spent some months in Arizona too. The sky always seemed SO HUGE and full of stars .... happy memories ☺️

I really love the sky, so different things)

very interesting in your writing sir @adamdonmez and I have read and tried to understand it as best as I can, I use translators because my limit understanding English lang.

From my understanding, this is motivation for all steemian, They can face the low price of steem with more good content. I find you are illustrate with sun illustrations and it is also true that steemit also occurs. If you say this is a struggling social world, then for me, I have to provide good content to help steem.

for steemian, this time it might be down enthusiastic, but new users are real excited and smartly steemit and they are need attention from the whales and it is needed for improvement from below (grassroot).

Forgive me if my comment is wrong sir. Thank for share it and God bless you. If you dont mind please comw to my post. My regard

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Yes basically I am saying that steem has a great future so don't worry if you dont make a lot of money now, keep your account up, keep posting and save the steem you get from your posts. It could be worth a lot of money in the future.

Thank you very much sir and with my optimism i will do best. Thanks for supporting me sir.

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Great post and I love your photos - I love your positive and inspirational approach to life. 👏👏👏👏
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@adamdonmez more articles will be?