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Good Citizenship on Steemit

Why is Citizenship Important on Steemit?

I see Steemit as currently being in a transformative state. It is transforming from a good idea and a lot of trial and error to a stable and productive platform.


Remember all those old cowboy movies? We just might be living through that time in the Steemit Community. It sorta feels at times like he who has the gold controls the rules. But what happens? The rise of the Citizens. Just before the hero gets his kiss from the sweet maiden and rides off into the sunset, he saves the community.

Any community worth saving needed a few good citizens to make ready for the flood that is coming.

That’s where we come in, Good Citizens of Steemit!

It’s a long term situation. If what you are here for is some quick money for little investment and even less work, it’s available. It’s not sustainable, but it’s there. If you are here because you are excited and enthused about the possibilities of Steemit, you are in for the long haul. I am utterly convinced it is worth it. It is the right thing to do.

If you believe, like I do, that Steemit is NEXT, you will be making plans that include next year and the one after. I plan to put myself into position to take full advantage of the growth and popularity of Steemit well into the future.


You will find people here on Steemit that seem to think that Decentralized and Blockchain seem to mean Anarchy and wide open behavior. Not correct.

There are rules that are part and parcel of being a good Citizen. There are printed rules for you to read that need to be followed in order to be a long term member here. Just follow them, they aren’t restrictive, and they are the rules. Follow them or go away.

There are some implied rules, that only make sense for the platform.


If you didn’t create it, don’t post it. Don’t claim it is yours, don’t try to profit from it.

If you are considering this behavior just once for the money, don’t. Just. Don’t. We have relative anonymity here with an open source platform. Anybody can and will look you up and your reputation and ability to use this platform will be severely compromised. You will fail, it’s just not worth it.

Copy and paste has no place on Steemit. No place at all. Your clever one line comment that you paste on a hundred different posts doesn’t get it. Doing that simply brands you as a disreputable sort and that reputation will follow you no matter what you do to make up for it. It will catch up to you.

Polite Behavior

Remember you Mother telling you “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything”? It’s really good advice here on Steemit. I’m not talking about a discussion that involves a disagreement, I’m talking about personal insults and attacks. In some cases this involves flagging, and that rarely works out for either party.

If you strongly disagree with a post it would be well considered to write a post featuring your views rather than flaming in the comments section. It will seriously pay off in the long run. Respect for your opinion and mine is the key to a useable platform. Don’t abuse the system and it won’t abuse you.



Steemit is not a vacuum. You need other people to succeed. Period.

You need to answer comments on your material. The very most successful Steemit Citizens react with the people who comment on their posts. Even a negative comment is a chance to make a friend and ally. You do not have to agree to appreciate. I know a man that dedicates his Friday video to the best comments of the week. Yes, he is wildly successful with a huge impact in his first two months.

Comment. For most creators the fact that people see and appreciate their material is way more fulfilling than the money from an upvote. It is validation at it’s deepest level. Just one well written and considered comment can open doors that you don’t even know exist.

Discord rooms offer a chance to act and react with others in real time. I’ve met some wonderful people there and highly recommend them. Even if you are the basic shy type you can find someone to interact with.


Why be a good Citizen of Steemit?

It’s pretty easy actually. There are a couple of really compelling reasons.

Good people and good content breed more good people and better content. We are about to see a huge rush of people entering Steemit, and every one of them has a serious chance to be a good Citizen. Particularly if what they see when they enter are good examples of what behavior is expected. Which brings more good people and good content. And on it goes.

More money. Good Citizenship will lead to more money in the system filtered lower on the food chain. To a plankton level Steemian it makes no difference if they get 100 votes at 0.01 or one vote at 1.0. More people taking care of one another leads leads to more people caring. It is the very best outcome for Steemit, in all ways. It not only results in more money for me, it spreads the wealth. To all levels.

It’s the right thing. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Not the way you have been treated, but the way you would like to be treated. It’s easy. It is absolutely the right thing.


If there is a unifying fact, an overriding principle that defines Steemit and Citizens of Steemit it is simply this: Be The Change You Want To See. The rest will take care of itself.

Authored by: @bigtom13

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Steemit is not Steem. What you meant to say is Steem. I would have assumed a user as big as @adsacrly would know better.

The author of this article @bigtom13 chose to write about the most known frontend - Steemit. The first one there was. It is his choice. This does not exclude nor include other parts of STEEM blockchain.

Judging from my own point of view, I believe the author @bigtom13 actually knows what he is writing about without any element of confusion. With my understanding of the steem ecosystem, STEEMIT is the community while STEEM is the currency. The author write with detailed emphasis on the community, its sustainability and progress and not the other way round.


A popular African proverb says "What an elder sees when sitting, a child can't have a clear view even when standing. I'm loving this community, and i sincerely commend y'all for de efforts @transisto , @adsactly . I have been upstanding all dis while i hope to join de elders n have my seat someday!..Thanks for posting

I agree with you @transisto. Just seeing you and u followed you. He should know better

@adsactly is one society of folks of people who are so cool. And yes they are one of the best group of great citizens on steemit. Thank you so much by providing valuable content and for you efforts of making Steemit a great place for everyone.

I truly believe if you are helpful and kind to everyone here, you will grow with the people. Share your knowledge about the subjects which are interesting. Provide examples straight out of your life. Use your own picture and create your own content. That way you will be different from most people out there.

This posts clearly mentions the ethics of @adsactly's world of good citizens on Steemit! And that is how I want it to be. Cheers!

great steemit citizenship....nice one

I am an adsactly member and proud of it. We don't have the market cornered on this, but it's a solid, responsive organization. I think the future is very bright.

There is so many good and creative souls I met here. I've already made a few of steem dollars, and I don't plan to cash it out any time soon. I convert it into steem power of this community, because I feel that it is well worth it.
To me steemit is a sanctuary of free thought and real life. A place where you can just blog about what you have going on in life and complete strangers wish you well and root you on. You can talk about things that are important to you and others from around the world can comment and share experiences.
Steemit is a destination for journeyers. People that explore around the world. We like to read about new things and different perspectives that we can't get from the news or from other social media.
Yes you can receive free cryptocurrency for participating at Steemit, and that is what brings a lot of people to the site. Steemit offers freedom. Freedom to express yourself and an investment into possible economic freedom. You won't get rich posting on Steemit, but you can make a nice little bonus in crypto each month if you stick with it. It's not easy, but then again, it doesn't seem like work if you love being here. It is just a bonus. The community is the reason this site will grow.
I'am only on Steemit for a very short period of time but I already have a feeling that there are bots are getting out of control on posts. Let's stop the spam and make Steemit great (again). People are promoting themself on unrelevant topics. Hunting for the profit. Not reading posts and commenting nonsense. I get it. People want money, who doesn't. But that is not how it works. THE CONTENT PROMOTES ITSELF There is no need for excessive spam. I don’t want to go into details or in to calling the names “as a matter of fact I just caught someone copying my comment” but you get the idea. What I also don’t like about steemit is whale wars and down-voting. Recently my “replay”, with 21 positive comments by other people and multiple upvotes was down-voted along with manny other replays by people with very high Steem power just because they didn’t like the author of the post and just because we made a positive comments. I don’t know why steemit allows this, but I guess we just have to live with it. I call it “reality”
Thank you for posts like this where good steemit citizens can express their feelings.

great steemit citizenship....nice one

I strongly suspect that the bot situation will sort itself out to the satisfaction of the majority of Steemians.

As far as the 'whale wars', I just don't have a good read. I really haven't been here long enough to have a really reliable opinion. It is so far above my pay grade...

Steemit platform really breeds good citizen, but I've seen lots of good quality content out there that didn't get much attention. The problem how's the pyramid was formed, with a weak base it's out of balance. How do we distribute the wealth down to the base to stabilize the balance of the pyramid itself, otherwise it will collapsed just a matter of time. :)

Any community worth saving needed a few good citizens to make ready for the flood that is coming.
That’s where we come in, Good Citizens of Steemit!

I’m definitely here being excited and enthused about the possibilities of Steemit. I love steemit, I can write a book about how much I love steemit and how much I belive in Steemit future. On the other hand there is an issue in steemit comunity and which I don’t like much considering people who cheat the system such as Plagiarism...I also know there is a whale war and from what I can tell the conflict goes like this. The reward pool used to reward every poster and curator is limited each day. A couple whales (users with a lot of Steem Power) have enough power to claim a large percentage of this reward pool if they vote regularly each day. That results in fewer rewards for everyone else when used to a certain extend. This actually hurts everyone and reach get only reacher. Welcome to the real world....
Thank you for all your valuable info including Discord which didn’t know about.

great steemit citizenship....nice one

I am obviously excited about the possibilities on Steemit. And all you have to do for an invite to adsactly on Discord is click the link. Somebody will be right with you!

This is one of the best post on guidelines I've read on steemit.
Every point was well explained in details. One motto i have learnt and believed in since joining steemit is: come for the money, stay for the community.
The steemit blockchain and the cryptoworld in general has come to stay and I'm very optimistic of its future. It's spreading like Wildfire over here in the Nigeria and becoming very addictive. I literarily spend my whole day on it.
I wonder why people copy and paste stuffs and also spam comment sections. It's really sad. I know it's really frustrating atimes when you run out of things to write about but still It's better not to post than to get flagged by cheetah.
I hope many people gets to read this and learn from it as well.

This is nice. I still consider myself fairly new to Steemit, but so far, I have almost always encountered polite, respectful, and thoughtful dialogue on the platform. It's such a welcome change to other social media platforms where people are often so quick to belittle each other. I think that users knowing that everything written is permanent, plus having an understanding of the higher quality of expectations really helps bring this platform up. I know that the story I often share is not easy for people to receive. But on this platform, unlike others, if people aren't ready to receive the message or it doesn't resonate with them, they're much more likely to just close the article and go to a different page, rather than try to shut the article down. I think people here are listening to each other. There's real dialogue. Some of the other platforms seem to have just become mess. This reminded me of a post I saw this weekend about Fergie's performance of the National Anthem. I personally wasn't offended by it, as I knew before listening to it that she has a unique style. But like this author, I was saddened to see the shaming she received. That's what this post reminded me of. It's the feeling that she could probably sing in her unique way on Steemit and not be shamed, because the Steemit community seems to be open to listening to each other, even if we don't agree. Thanks for the article.

Nice point. The shaming here is much lower than anywhere else that I know of. That alone would be enough to recommend Steemit to my friends. And there is so much more.

A truly inspiring post.

This sums up the difference between force and power.

Power is natural, pure, requires no defense. It just is.

Force is unnatural, constantly needs feeding, and requires support of others.

Tending to ones in the manner described, monitoring one's own behavior, is truly powerful. When we make the success of the platform by helping others our core basis, we just added meaning from which power is derived.

Of course, when we look to attack, take, and degrade others, we require others to support our position to be effective. If not, we are standing alone which few like to do.

Steemit has tremendous potential. Is one willing to do his or her part to make it such? We will never see the growth many of us envision with only a few doing the heavy lifting. It is going to take hundreds of thousands of us all helping each other out.

Absolutely right on. Really strongly stated in short space. Thank you for that comment.

In my short steemit journey I have ofttimes been disappointed with responses gained on posts that took me a long time to research and then construct. The cursory "good post steemit friend, you follow me now" comment just hasn't seemed like a great reward for 2-3 hours of work and effort on my part. Further to that I see many people cut and pasting into their blog [some getting healthy SBD rewards for it] and again I wonder if anyone is really looking out for that on the platform. It seems to be continuing...Maybe by new users coming in I suppose.

You mention being a good steemit citizen which is great, your post is valid and timely of course, however at what point does content come into the equation? I have been told by people who support me to write good content and so I put some effort into my work. The judgement on if it's good lies with the reader of course, not me. However I see many posts comprising seemingly endless pictures of some landscape, poorly taken, and with no words, and they get strong comments and SBD rewards which I find discombobulating.

I also see competition after competition, challenge after challenge and wonder if people are struggling to find something to post and so roll out a "I have nothing to post so will post a challenge about a challenge called the nothing to post challenge"...A plague on steemit in my humble opinion.

Having said that, I work hard to find good users and manage to do so adding a couple a week. I hope everyone reads your post @adsactly and takes it on-board. Thanks for writing it.

I firmly believe that good content is going to win this game. It is tough at first, but I have been really fortunate to integrate myself with others that are like me. Posting good content and engaging those that do will ultimately be for the win.

I agree @bigtom and so I work hard on my content, post what I'm passionate about and comment and engage with others. I also work to promote and assist others, new users I mean, where I can with my limited knowledge and understanding of it. I really hope that people who read my posts find some value. Thanks for replying mate.

I couldn't agree more with the point being made in this post. As a new Steemit user I have been wading through the very murky waters where the minnows reside. I have worked hard to learn the ins and outs of the platform and to try to build relationships. It can be extremely difficult as a new user to get any traction here as there are just so many of us and there is already an established core of users who create good content. I have been very lucky so far in that I have had several people take time to guide me on my journey. They didn't have to do it but they took the time to get to know me and encourage me along the way. I actually just finished writing my introduction piece where I personally thank some of those people who have made a difference along the way (feel free to check it out if you like). I think that it is important not only for people to help others but for them to be recognized. There are a lot of people here who are in this purely for money and that's their choice. We need to recognize the users who want the platform to grow and be prosperous for all involved. The more people providing good content and having success on the platform then the stronger Steemit will be. I know that as I grow I will certainly be paying it forward the way it was done for me. Thanks again @hanshotfirst, @broncnutz and @bigram13.

I came here from a little bit different spot. Traditional blog. I wrote my first 100 posts to about 3 readers. It took way over a year to get to the point of paying the $10 per month server bill. For me, traction seems incredibly easy to get. There are lots of post promotion options and it is just a matter of time and distance.

I'll guarantee I've had my stuff in front of more people in two months that I did in 2 years outside. It is the primary reason I am so excited.

I do think that paying it forward will be an incredibly important part of the fabric of Steemit going forward.

Adsactly has been voted by me as witness.
I love your blog it's quite informative

I think every reader should re-read this post and try to work by it - not only it will create a better, more fun community for all of us, it will also help YOU being more successful financially in this platform and hopefully more powerful and influential with powerups you'll perform.
Creating your own content takes longer than stealing it from someone else - that's for sure, but it will help you get constant readers and supporters and it's your only chance to interest people whose vote has some value, while stealing will make those people flag you and erase what revenue you managed to make from the stolen posts.

Commenting - the most important aspect for new people in my view - try commenting on content you enjoy with good, to the point comments that will interest the post creator, he might upvote you or follow you and support your own post, build yourself a base of friends and prosper.

Checked and tried, trust me!

I will not stop repeating what I think steemit family. In contrast to the usual social networks with which they compare steemit - it really benefits. Here you can receive information from competent people. That is, they are not ordinary users taking information on the network, but they know what they are talking about. Basically this refers to the community @adsactly. It is an actively developing community of free-thinking people who share the "hot" information. Here, everyone can become a part and contribute. This is very encouraging.
Besides everything, being part of the growing family of steemit is not only useful but also economically profitable. Here, in the fifth sense, "they say money." Here you can really be heard and your efforts will be rewarded. It does not motivate it in such a way as small monetary rewards (or big ones, it all depends on you).
I fully support the expression - "if you can not say something good then do not say anything." It works here. If you are not competent and you have nothing to say, then it's better to keep silent. You can receive and assimilate interesting information for you. And when you feel that you have something to say - say. The main thing is not afraid. If you are a kind person with good intentions then you will succeed. I repeat - it all depends on you and your desire. At the steemit there are many people who, like any newcomer, were "small". But thanks to effort and desire, they became dolphins and higher.
Therefore, I wish everyone to find their own topic and become useful. And most importantly, believe in success and stay positive.
Thank you

Yes. Just yes. Very nicely said.

Very nice.

Well done ..
Nice ..
Steam officially became a self-sufficient society
For more creativity .. Thank you for your advice

Great post! This is a good reminder that those who are here trying to take advantage and make a quick buck wont last long. Those of us who are already planning 1-2 years in advance will have the best shot of realizing the potential of Steemit! This got me pumped up for the future of the platform!! Thanks for the post!!

I love Steemit and the Steemit Community so much, I think it will revolutionize the way that the general public views and understands crypto and blockchain. This community is built strong on even stronger values. Thank you for taking the time to remind us all of that @adsactly

I can't believe with the huge numbers of users signing up daily that is being scaling up nicely...proud of steemit that is the only platform delivering a great use for society

great steemit citizenship....nice one

Yes your are right

I liked what you made some rules that can be an initiative of citizens' Charter which is a response to the mission for solving the problems which a steemian meets in our great community.

great steemit citizenship....nice one

Good karma is the true force behind this community although unlike reddit’s; it can actually change a persons life

great steemit citizenship....nice one

great steemit citizenship....nice one

I can't even agree more as my 150%.

Yes, we may be part of a big big change and we have to be prepared to handle this in the right way

Post your own stuff, engage with other and be friendly and help new users to their way to be a great member of our community.

great steemit citizenship....nice one

I think that's the formula in a nutshell.

I agree with you. I think this post is filled with effort. :)

@adsactly my man, i can't help but admire your post every time, keep it up bro, we gat your back lol😎😎

Please don't plagiarism, this good motivation word for me @adsactly, dont just post for money... But knowledge

excellent your post..i will done upvote

great steemit citizenship....nice one

excellent your post..i will done upvote and resteem..

great steemit citizenship....nice one

great steemit citizenship....nice one

great steemit citizenship....nice one

Terima kasih adsactly tiada kata yang paling baik buatmu, emang kamu luar biasa

This is obviously a motivational post.It is a good leason for our human life.
We should to pass our life by this process.
Thanks for inspiration.

I love your post it's amazing

This article was bang on! The rules that you've mentioned are truly great. Commenting on a regular basis your genuine opinion makes a lot of difference. And of course, posting original stuff is of paramount importance. I use steemit as my journal. Of course I want to make money too. But want to keep things honest. Highly motivational article. :D

Very kind words. Thank you.

You're welcome, Tom. :)

Thanks dear sharing the motivational post..

great one post
great thinking..
nice creative mind..
carry on..

There is a lot going on in at steemit..I though feel it's seriously a budding platform for all...full of opportunities and people out here have immense talent. I as a newbie got really inspired by lot of people out here. I got a kick like feeling that I can do it too..But to be honest I have a lot of fear in me now, do I post my things? Who will actually see it? only maybe my friends and few passers on the feed.Because the big boys out here, they won't get my attention and I don't know how to do it also.So out of my fear that my things don't get wasted, I have started to give my views and share my opinions at posts of big boys, because only then I will get attention but then I might be also Labelled with a thing, that I might be acting good..For which I have no answer. The path to enrichment is getting confusing for me, because I feel that I am not getting noticed enough, how would my things get then..To which few good people have been telling me don't give up, just start posting.I am still reluctant but I would say that I do have fear of rejection in me but I am not going to give up on this.I feel I can do it and so can every newbie do..Just need to have good intentions and the will to succeed.Let me see what destiny beholds

(Remember your Mother telling you “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything”)..
i just hope more and more people understand this

Yeah. Turns out Mom was right once again!

mom is always right!


great steemit citizenship....nice one

good your post. very helpful for beginners like me in steemit. thanks

You're rihgt. Let it be like that.

Steemit stands strong irrespective of the hit and run people toxifying the community. With the progress so far, even if the drawing keeps getting adjusted, i believe steemit has a good foundation. I'm here for the long run, and i will be part of the "steemit legendary story once upon a time" i believe.
Going Nowhere... I'm home...

From @adsactly Nigeria.

I really like that: "Going Nowhere...I'm home" That is exactly how I feel.

Loaded and beautiful post

@adsactly am delighted to read this very motivational piece first really spell out the does an dont on steemit.

You also talk about helping others go up, appreciating good content, not insulting others and avoiding plagiarism at all cost. I solemly swear to abide by those rules, because those rule will make steemit a better place to be.

Also the copy an past thing, alot of people that do it , do it because they are desperate of making some few cheap cent. Like spammy comment or using comment bot, it shows they dont even care about the future of this community..

I am here to stay, not just as a member of the community but as a true Citizen of steemit..ill share this post to my group chat so my fiends will see it too and perhaps it will help someon that wanted to give up on steemit to continue doing his/her best because the future of steemit is brighter than now.

God bless you adsactly peace

Thanks. I really do appreciate your commitment to the cause. It's worth it.

I like what you have posted. As a new steemitian I follow all those rules, but I am yet to gain traction. I would love to answer comments on my posts. Only a few people comment. Anyway, you can help would be appreciated. If you follow me and comment I guarantee I will respond.

very impressive, I want to be the part of your group.

Just click the link at the end of the article and you'll be in the adsactly discord room. That's a great place to start.

i'm going to be one of the good students here, To be useful for the society you have to gain an excellent lessons from our mentors here. everyone should Learn to be smart at being a good citizen. It will give us especially newbies a proper basement for choosing another step which is a whale or something. Learning is vital. You have to make proper decisions when you join. Lessons from people who have joined steemit before will help you to be informed and to be armed with necessary knowledge. It will give you the understanding of everything which is going on around here on steemit. If you need a lot of money , we can make it quickly and very professionally. If you say this, i'm going to treat everyone on steemit the way i would love to treat me.

Yes, Steemit is growing from a transformative state to a much more stable platform.
Yes, i got your citizenship tips right so i'm gonna abide by them. So help me God. Haha

Hello @adsactly

Yes your are right on the points you enumerated kf what makes one a good citizen of Steemit. I found most useful the points on answering comments. That is the main tool for building a relationship here. Thanks for these tips


That's right. I've read some of these anarchist and free life theories about Steemit and all I can say is that it's disgusting.

There is a place for citizenship in Steemit. Of course this is a community and you will expect rules of good behavior to be formulated.

Hopefully we could get this across to all steemians. Thanks @adsactly for sharing

It's more important to feel a commonality between oneself and the other members of community.Community is helpful to join or create because it provide support to the members.

great steemit citizenship....nice one

Thank you. Its more like a family now

very nice

Thanks for reaffirming my belief that hard work and consistency pay off in the long run. Having just started out on Steemit myself I have to say it can be a little discouraging when you don't receive much acknowledgement. I try to let that encourage me to up my game. Thanks again. Love the cowboy photo.

great steemit citizenship....nice one

fascinating & pleasing!

exuberant & exhilarated!

Thank you for this reassuring post. I am new and I really want this community to survive and thrive and I look around some of the less than stellar behavior going on because I like you believe. I am a writer so writing for me comes easy and I do not believe in plagiarizing because i hate when it happens to me. I believe after now being here for a month at the serious people interested in community will hold on and I do think there will need to be some rules set up to moderate behavior if things go too much in a bad direction. In the meantime I will keep writing posts and putting up comments that show I am in fact reading the posts and saying something thoughtful or not at all. I have resteemed your post by the way. Very helpful.

good post,

You hit the nail right on the head with this one @adsactly. It is kinda neat to consider myself a new "citizen" in the bustling, shiny new town called Steemit. Presently, as plankton in this new town, I am working hard on building my "house" and happily meeting new "neighbors" every day.
When this new "town" grows into a giant metropolis, I want to be right there in the center of town celebrating with you all.
My mailbox is up!

Yeah sure believe in yourself you can achieve,you can do.This is what I am learning from steemit. Steemit is promoting creativity and it motivates every one to struggle in a good way.thanks for this good article

agreed with your logics and theory but Steemit itself is not stable and we dont know when it shuts down or collapse like we are watching bitcoin and others. but yes indeed its a long term haul and require a great patience to be on a certain reputation in order to make an impact.

let hope for the best and keep posting nice material.

You are correct, there are no guarantees for steem or steemit. I think one thing that cannot be discounted is that even if the fiat value of the coins here drop to near-zero, or if this site is supplanted completely by another site, the things people have done and how they have conducted themselves can be transferred to any new crypto-social-media websites we happen to migrate to. The rep number here might not matter for much, but rep within the crypto community at large certainly will.

i like what you posted ,it it so special , thank you

I love this....

Looks like the constitution of steemit to make all steemians live in harmony...


In the second paragraph up from the "yes" image, you have a typo. The word should be "its" instead of "it's."

😄 Just kidding! Thank you for the good advice and I agree with you. What goes around comes around. 💫

Thanks for sharing this posting of great magnitude.


UpVoted and followed. best regards

🎵 24/7 Deep House, Nu disco, Tropical House, Chill Out Music 🎵

Being courteous does not take away the brave, always with humility ahead

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Very completed post

Hi. I liked your post, keep it up. I wish you good luck and have a good day, and of course you can also get a big jackpot :)

Good citizenship on steemit, I actually plan on dropping a post on this today but could because am on road throughout the day. Although in another way round. I will sure do that tomorrow Insha Allah.

Proud of adsactly proud of steemit

That is a good term. Citizenship. And steemit sure has the potential of being the next big thing. I really hope, it will get there.

A very thoughtful post. Thank you for this.

"It’s the right thing. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Not the way you have been treated, but the way you would like to be treated. It’s easy. It is absolutely the right thing"-Nice one, Sir.

You are welcome.

It's very important to be a good person and produce quality work for people to comment on. This creates proper engagement as long as the owner of the post is willing to comment on most of the comments on his post. Anyway thanks for the great work posted here. You deserve a resteem from me. @resteemitnow

what's nice about steemit is that only politeness and being constructive is rewarded

Nice blog well said. Steemit is a great platform that welcomes multi cultural groups . I love this platform

Good article, is full of thoughts, worth resteemed and upvote.

It's my pleasure too see you're post Sir.... You're a greatest personality 🍁

I like you... Best of luck in your future content sir.

The cover photo is unbelievably beautiful.
Regarding the text, I'm new to Steemit but it seems amazing how it has changed the lives of many, I'm already starting to change it because I love this platform.

People that are basic try to look rich, people who really are rich want to look basic...

Kind regards,

A great post. One that will no doubt serve as a reality check to some that will think it is just a case of post and earn. Not so!
I have just started out with my first post today but even I can see that those who will be successful are the ones that understand that you need to be in for the 'long haul'.
Following you and looking forward to more insightful posts like this one.

I'm totally new here, 2 days old :) but what you write makes so much sense to me so... thank you!

We will never know, before we do so. Remember one thing, the work we do will be worth it. Best motivation thanks..

The best way to make agood community is to stay involved and keep doing good things Bad people may be louder but they tire out easier too. So Lets all keep posting good stuff and stay committed to the growth and good health of Steemit because it can feed us all forever and make the world a better place. Thanks for this lovely post. I will follow you advice for good citizen rules and walk on the good side. How long have you been on the platform?

I have been on the platform for just two months. I have immersed myself in it.

Please!!! Be a Good Citizen.

giphy (3).gif

excellent your post..i will done upvote and resteem..Thank you for this reassuring post. I am new and I really want this community to survive and thrive and I look around some of the less than stellar behavior going on because I like you believe. I am a writer so writing for me comes easy and I do not believe in plagiarizing because i hate when it happens to me. I believe after now being here for a month at the serious people interested in community will hold on and I do think there will need to be some rules set up to moderate behavior if things go too much in a bad direction. In the meantime I will keep writing posts and putting up comments that show I am in fact reading the posts and saying something thoughtful or not at all. I have resteemed your post by the way. Very helpful.

Thank you. I appreciate your words of encouragement.

steemit is different from other social media, much we can learn from this social 👍👍

Waooo😊 that's an amazing picture.

this is great post.
i appreciate this blog...........resteemit

wow very excellent post

When life gives you lemons make lemonade! 😃 @swt3df1

Good article! I agree Steemit has so much potential. Being new to Steemit, I love the community, kind comments and environment for expression, learning and teaching. Long term involvement is the key, you are right!

I've seen a lot of good quality content but didn't get much attention at all. Way too great and precise points. Thanks for this @adsactly. Waiting for your next posts around here!

Im a possitive person, i want to think that all of us can have a great life doing all that we love, the problem is when the people dont have the education or the interest on make a god things, the y only need the money, To me steemit its like my dream came true, i always want to express myself telling other people how they can be happy doing the things with passion, but its hard try to explain that they can life in a diferent day, in This case obly need to make a cuality post, but no!, they have the oportunity and Make robots, really need more robots here?... i know, some of the mate of the big big steemians, but the others?, i honestly cant understand why they cant stop... we have a brain if only want make money... This is not the place :/

Passion. You said it, it is the thing that will drive Steemit to the next level. I just love some of the more obscure tags where people REALLY care about what they post. It's just incredible and so exciting.

Very inspiring post!! I strongly agree with u, as a new member its very hard for us to understand everything but articles like this posted by the seniors are really very helpful and informative.
Thanks for sharing:)

Excellent publication, and you are right in everything, the steemit community is not based on copy and paste, it is about developing and plasting your whole way of thinking on a specific topic, always doing it with a lot of love, effort and commitment ... lots of Thank you for always posting high quality topics.

Top notch stuff.. very well said and I hope more than a few take notice and behave accordingly.

The post work is amazing, it's a great work ... I like friends

I really like your posts, I hope you allow your posting resteem

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