Hanes purchases Steemit Inc

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HanesBrands Corporation is pleased to announce the acquisition of Steemit Inc from @justinsunsteemit and the Tron Foundation. Hanes spokeswoman Michelle Trajeski has this to say:

"We're excited by the opportunities presented by the Steemit Corporation. They've done more for Sock Rights, Sock Representation, and Sock Happiness than anyone else in Crypto. Before @justinsunsteemit purchased them we were happy with his record of centralization, but we never new how strong of a sock advocate we had in Justin. We're proud to stand by Justin and Steemit. We will be introducing a line of detailed sock apparel so that children of all ages can get their Sock Heroes like @goodguy24 and @paintingclub. We'll also be launching a line simplified socks to help young people learn to make sock puppets of their own. They'll have BOTH Steemit and Tron branding!"


Justin Sun is on record stating "When I first purchased Steemy I didn't know what I wanted to do with it. But after a few days of listening to the previous founder @ned I realized the only course of action would be centralize the whole thing as quickly as I could, destroy any good will the company had managed to get, and instill sock puppets to run the whole place. To date it's been a very successful mission. I suspect that the Tron team will use this as a roadmap as we look to purchase other applications on other blockchains, use their stake take over the chain from the people who have built it, and then strangle the entire project."

Michelle was also quick to point out that Hanes is welcoming of all the socks despite and because of their quirks. "I don't know if you know this, but @highjump is gay. We support all socks regardless of their age, gender, sex, or race. @toke2049 is a cannabis advocate. We're cautious about supporting that culture in particular, but we'll be looking to include all socks in the coming line."

@elipowell was quick to mention that "While there are lingering accusations of improper sexual harassment by @ned and his constant attempts to serenade @nicetry001 we'd like the entire community to know we're aware of the complaint and doing everything possible to keep Ned and his guitar a safe distance from the socks and plan to quarantine him like one would a Corona Virus patient."

When asked what's next Hanes and Justin said they were planning on releasing sock puppet NFTs to commemorate the historic sale and usher in the next era of Sock Puppet reign. Then they look forward to centralizing and then destroying future chains together.



Dear Ms. @michelletrajeskihanes, Are you planning an atomic sock swap? I have some fruit of the loom in my drawer.

How about an old fashioned sock hop, school dance? We need to celebrate!

This post received a downvote from me. Not because it was not humorous and that we all don't need a laugh now and again but because this is the second post to make mockery out of a serious situation which this witness played a large part in creating by the installation of HF22.2.

Instead of this tomfoolery perhaps real solutions could be put forward and fences mended instead of mockery of an individual who's culture holds dear the saving of face. Your leadership (or lack of) on this issue is very dissapointing to me @aggroed.

Yep, exactly this. You guys caused this mess with your actions. Own it and get this thing straightened out before it's too late. Do what is good for steem instead of just whining that you are not in the top 20 any longer. The more you do stuff like this, the more it looks like your soft fork was really just to keep yourself entrenched at the top as opposed to doing what is actually best for steem as a whole.

Made the same move some days ago; theren is a broad distinct line between humorous and simply stupid bitchy.

Dude. This was satire. If we can't laugh at ourselves, we're not learning.

If we can't laugh at ourselves, we're not learning

Maybe with a stand up sock puppet account. Yet this is the account which Mr. Sun will see presented in any town halls or what-have-you. So long as he is out of the top 20 perhaps it is not as big of a concern. Yet he has been in and out since the TRON drama. This is my opinion only. My apologies if it has brought rain to your chuckling. ✌️😎

Well, it is kind of ridiculous you're attempting to poke this guy with a stick and say "Do something already!" Any time I go looking for facts I find these people talking and attempting to straighten things out. Just last night they had a bit of a talk with some David Roebuck guy I never heard of and he seems reasonable.

Don't you think it would be far more dishonest and two faced if aggroed here was using an alt account to troll? It's satire. There's nothing to be ashamed of. I'm certain these Tron people realize there's plenty here to joke about. Should we all just be lighting torches, grabbing picthforks, and being obnoxiously angry over things that take time and patience to figure out? In other words, should I be acting like you right now?

(Zing. Just messing with you.)

I don't agree. If we are not allowed to defend ourselves from a clear takeover, what can we do? Why do you think it was wrong in the first place? If we didn't do anything, the chain would no longer be ours. Justin's actions clearly show he didn't have good intentions from the start.

Also, if what our witnesses did was illegal, why did Justin not just sue them as they were all well known, instead of attempting a clearly illegal takeover of the whole blockchain, and then blaming "hackers". Now he has not only lost the chance to use the law to his advantage, but any good will that might have been to his advantage on winning the hearts of the users (the lifeblood) of the blockchain.

Why do you think it was wrong in the first place?

Because it was an arbitrary restrictions of options to specific accounts. If they want to stop STINC accounts from voting for witnesses then stop everyone from voting for witnesses. If they does not pass the stink test then we should not have done it for specific accounts. There is EOS for that kind of shit.

Blocking everyone from voting is also the same as a coup.

I don't think the voting system is necessarily the best it could be, so yes, something should be done about it. But as long as there is a stalemate, nothing can be done.

A fork maybe.

But can we keep the name "Steem"? That's the question I have been pondering about. Did Justin buy the name?

Blocking everyone from voting is also the same as a coup.

That was my point with such an extreme example; yet in true decentrslized DPoS what is good for the goose should be good for the gander. There were probably other universal solutions that would have been just as productive as HF22.2 yet not as drastic as my example. If not then a genuine threat of a chain fork should have been presented to Mr. Sun which would be triggered if he used his Ninja Stake in governance; which in fact he did.

The Ninja Mined stake of STINC seems to have been a flaw in the project which only a chain fork can fix.

@null|Mr. Sun

P.S. Keeping the name STEEM will depend on the exchanges and if they will install the chain forked version. Traditionally they have not.

I still don't understand why Justin didn't just sue the witnesses instead of making a blatantly illegal move himself.

Do you know how many jurisdictions you would need to sue in? 😆

We have been shown twice now that on the DPoS blockchain that possession is ten tenths of the law.

He would have the money though. Were I a businessman of his caliber I wouldn't consider that a problem.

You are a blockchain advocate, yet don’t see the significance of soft fork 0.22.2? Even after 0.22.5 proved their concerns were right?

Don’t let Justin’s incompetence cloud your judgement. I am glad witnesses acted the way they did. They are there to protect the chain. That is exactly what they did.

Please explain how HF22.2 did anything other than piss off an egotistical rich kid?

I won’t bore you with my explanation. You probably made up your mind already. You may find this post more interesting than anything I could say:


That is an interesting link. Granted there was some skimming on my part, and just so you know it does not please me that @ned sold STINC to Mr. Sun, but the only reference of what at least v. 22.2 was intended to do (let alone actually achieve) that could be found was the following:

These actions were taken to protect the Steem blockchain as attempts to communicate with Steem's new overlords were ignored for a considerable amount of time.

Well that didn't work out so well. So, again, allow me to ask if you think anything was achieved by the installation of v. 22.2?

The intentions seem clear yet they say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

The intentions of the Softfork were achieved and really quickly. When @softfork222 was announced, most of us were caught off guard. My initial reaction was critical of the actions. Below is my first reaction and you can see more of my comments of in @softfork222 announcement page.


It is after more research and interactions I came to realizing it was the best thing witnesses could have done to protect the chain. It being a softfork the community/stakeholders could easily vote out those witnesses if they didn't like the actions. Quite the opposite happened. The community voted @timcliff out of consensus, since he wasn't running 0.22.2.

Moreover if you look at the SF announcement pages you will see 1110 upvotes with rewards of $193. That just shows the sentiment and reaction to the news.

To answer your question, what SF intended worked. I didn't even take hours for @justinsuntsteemit make this post:


The post was positive, Justin didn't overreact and was willing to open up communication channels and talk to the community and witnesses. That is what everybody wanted. The community loved his response. That post received 1636 upvotes with rewards $247.42. Everybody was happy with how things were developing, there wasn't anything for anybody to worry about. If he followed through with what he planned in the post and didn't take hostile actions, we all would be celebrating today, his funds would be unfrozen, Steem heading to a brighter future.

Of course, what we all underestimated and didn't see coming were two things: how unstable Justin's decision making is, and most importantly how corrupt exchanges (binance, huobi, and poloniex) are. If exchanges didn't collude we wouldn't be in this situation.

Thanks for the longer reply. It did not bore me in the least. 😎

My original reaction to v. 22.2 was negative as well. It has remained so as it seemed to have achieved nothing in my opinion.

The trust of the chain has been broken and a rich bully is loose with enough stake to remind us of the weaknesses of DPoS. It is hard to imagine anything but a chain hard fork to resolve this issue and allow the space to take things back to the drawing boards. The OpenSeed and OpenLink projects sound interesting as explained by @andrarchy. Perhaps that will develop into something positive for DPoS because the pre-mined ninja stake of STINC has broken this kick at the can.

Initiated power down on this account tonight.

@null|Mr. Sun


The funny part is that he don't understand why his witnesse spot is falling.

Or doesn't care. More fun than table top RPGs! ⚂⚃⚄

He cares and he launched a promo campaign.

Lol, get over yourself.

Maybe we should start removing votes from witness who do not show any representation of the population

Maybe we should start removing votes from witness who do not show any representation of the population

Already started with my @aggroed support. Came in with the 18 free witness votes which was withdrawn support for those witnesses who inatalled HF22.2 from those that had my support. @aggroed is the first for me to say, "fuck it", this is not a case of the lesser of two evils but the circling of the wagons (Boer War referrence) around those that will make the needed changes to further decentralize DPoS, in my opinion.

Allow me to put forward my strong endorsement of @timcliff as witness. The only member of the pre-22.2 consensus witnesses to not install it.

His skills as a blockchain Dev are beyond reproach.

Tim's self interests are a passion for blockchain technology.

already have Tim Voted when he re-activated his witness

not that my tiny accumulated vote make much difference

not that my tiny accumulated vote make much difference

If votes/likes/upvotes mean nothing how is FB paying the server costs? 😎

You are telling the witness who has your support that you believe they will move, at least some version, of STEEM DPoS forward in a greater decentralized form and that we will follow where that takes them.

Should we ever get past the present drama there will be 18 open witness votes of mine to re-assign.

played a large part in creating by the installation of HF22.2.

I don't know that we can really say that. I mean, all of these accounts were created before the soft fork was implemented. I think the plan went off too smoothly to not have been in the works before the SF took place. The SF was implemented with the publicly stated goal of being a temporary measure and by my understanding reversible by simply putting a ' in a few lines of code.

HF22.2 was installed yet nothing, nothing and more nothing has transpired. HF22.5 has neutured the HF22.2 account restricrions. HF22.2 was simply an escollator. Reminds me of Russia Gate - The Blockchain Edition.

True. I think you have to take into account the amount of interaction created to vote in the witnesses to create a stalemate. Thus nothing.

There is definitely not a single point of escalation in this. There are multiple and ignoring some points doesn't make the other points more severe. While 22.2 could be considered an escalation, it had a public stated goal and rationale of being temporary. There could have been some communication from Justin's side, but there wasn't.

  • That failure to communicate was a point of escalation.
  • The deceiving of exchanges to power up was an escalation.
  • The takeover was an escalation.
  • HF 22.5 was a de-escalation (with the caveat that it was done under a central authority).
  • Calling the fork the work of hackers was escalation
  • Demanding a change in powerdown time is escalation

This is all from after 22.2. There were other escalations beforehand including:

  • failure to answer requests for communications
  • Announcement that Steem will move to Tron
  • The use of Genesis coins for Tron super Rep voting

All of those factor into the current situation.

While 22.2 could be considered an escalation...

It broke the trust of the Chain by individuals restricting account options on specific accounts, as opposed to a universal change, like no powering down for anyone.

It was an escalation by witnesses taking arbitrary decisions against specific accounts. There is EOS for that kind of shit.

It was a decision to guard the integrity of the chain and the project, in the face of numerous instances where the perpetrators of the 22.5 hack had disclosed plans to dissolve steem. It being arbitrary or otherwise doesn't matter, all that matters is that it was done in good faith and with the overwhelming support of the community, and as others pointed out was a temporary measure brought on directly by such communications that sought to dissolve steem.

It was a decision to guard the integrity of the chain and the project, in the face of numerous instances where the perpetrators of the 22.5 hack had disclosed plans to dissolve steem.

It just pissed off a billionaire from my perspective.

O I see, so they should have went along with his plans to dissolve steem, because billionaires?

Heck, in your world it wasn't smart to do anything that would piss him off, so if that means losing all you've invested because he wants to kill the project, well, might as well not do anything that would piss him off, like hampering his plans.

It's probably been a while since you could stand up straight seeing as your backbone is absent..

@novacadian dear sir, don't forget that @aggroed is one of founder of steemmonsters and steem-engine.

It is even always the same mockery over and over again and again. But it might does fit to the progress of finding solutions, same mockery - same progress (Nothing new) :/ Can't wait for the next "He said steemy" post.

Wow you guys are a bit stuck aren't you? @novacadian, @thehive, @oldtimer you need to get over yourselves. It is labeled satire for one and now you are saying because a witness has a sense of humor that it's wrong? WTF if it were some lame appic or actifit post then yeah I can see it but isn't creativity what we're after here?

Maybe I should go see if that is what you all post on? You are now trying to tell someone what they can or can't write on? What is wrong with you?

Funny I rarely downvote. The ones that NEED to be downvoted are let go. Personally I don't think anyone new to the platform should have their post at a payout of $46.00 that is ridiculous. If I were to downvote it because of how I feel then I would be the one in the wrong or the bad guy and be retaliated against.

I think you totally missed what was said

Maybe if half of the effort was put into solutions, we would be much further ahead
there is also many instance were trending is a joke.

What's wrong with having humor on trending? Comedy sells out stadiums. Do we have to sit here and be bored to death with essays about ducks and how they quack all day?

Absolutely nothing

Could you say that to Justin?

The witness are too scared to let me talk with @Justinsunsteemit

Are they? Or are you just not willing to help?

Justin is the problem. He never did listen to anything that was said. He did sound like he was agreeing and behaving as if everything was mutually understood, but as soon as the meetings were over, he started berating the witnesses, the community, and doubled down on the bot witnesses. (As in clearly attempting a coup.)

He had absolutely no intention of giving in at any point in time. Before anything happened, he didn't answer any queries of clarification when he had repeatedly for 10 days advertised how he was going to "migrate all steem dapps" into Tron, and do tokenswaps. Almost as if he didn't even care there is a community behind the Steem blockchain, and that he didn't actually buy the blockchain, but only a dapp.

The community did care, and witnesses delivered.

What Justin did after was a clear indication that a takeover was his intention all along.

okay closed mind your side, you have your opinion I have mine, Let's not create drama all over the bloody chain, accept others think different things to you.

Tell ye what I will remove all my vote from all the previous witness, e just want to keep attacking me,

And fuk the help ye already had

give it a bloody rest

I see You don't want to believe me.

Let me say this one thing if nothing else... I have never met Justin. But I have met our witnesses, and I trust them. I can not say the same about Justin. Justin does not care about you or me, or our community. He cares about one thing and one thing only, money. Our witnesses are the only thing that has prevented him from breaking our blockchain with his planned 3-7 day powerdown and no downvotes hardfork.

I am not attacking You, I am just concerned about the community. But You clearly do not care about the Steem community, at all. If you are not happy with Steem, maybe you should just go Tron then.

Let me say this.

The only reason all this shit happened is because the witness refused to hear other opinion about the election of witness for over 18 month.

You can put blame on anyone you want. But the top witness catered for their own needs and disregarded the needs of the chain for years

Trending is a frign joke. I saw a shitty 28 second video of llamas worth 16 dollars. Like really? That's what these self-proclaimed curators want to vote on?

And yes, even solutions are getting flagged in ignorance. They don't want to move forward. they just want their money 'back'.

I asked for the link you never gave it

I'm definitely not telling anyone what to post. I don't know how did you get that impression. But I will always express my opinion.
The wheels are falling off this wagon and joking and escalating will not help to find common ground or some kind of solution.

DYING!! 🤣🤣🤣

Okay, for a second I actually thought Justin sold steemit -_-

Me too, sadly not!

So when can we expect these socks in stores? Some people get cold feet and block everyone on Twitter. Seems like they could use a good pair.

This news made me happier!

Lmfao.. if @toke2049 is a cannabis advocate is he/she made of hemp? I love hemp socks.

You made me stop everything I did just to read this xD
Click-bait at its finest :D

I stopped using socks: @justinsunsteemit can never do business with me! ;)
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This was fun. You sparked a laughter in me. 😄

I thought for a moment it was real lol at this point I wouldn’t be surprised

First I smiled, then I cried, then I laughed and now I feel the need to get new socks. !BEER

Yeah I will buy into all smts and use it as a risc free pension fund. This will go up! Whay to the moon!! That's why binance has unfrozen their 12 million tron to put it in steem yeah baby! Come to papa!

It means that the remedy was worse than the disease @aggroed. All the best for this platform.

This was a sick post!! Damn YOU

I feel like I've been socked in the face, completely blinded sided by this amazing news

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Once I figured out that Hanes is synonymous with socks in USA I got the joke 😂😂😂😂

OMG, that was funny.

I was like wait...what? Why...? Then I saw the socks. That shit made me lol.

Am still trying to figure out the difference between "improper sexual harassment" and "proper" sexual harassment. 😉

You got me there!!! 😂

Man you got with the clickbait title :(

The exciment was such, I didn't even read it, lol. (had to delete my tweet)


When asked what's next Hanes and Justin said they were planning on releasing sock puppet NFTs to commemorate the historic sale and usher in the next era of Sock Puppet reign.

...and once done all that, HanesBrands Corporation jointly with its best allies and cronnies of the flourishing brandnew digital Crypto Sock Puppet Industry will hire immediately to James Maury Henson from beyond on the other side. To help us with the development, evolution and consolidation of the long awaited next blockchain iteration Muppets 3.0 true PoB technology that will takeover the world by storm in a jiffy.

A little satire here and there never hurt anyone ;)

after all the fuckery recently this made my week, thank you.

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Too many lie news from @aggroed.
IDK yet it it's true or not.

But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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