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RE: Steemit/dTube EXCLUSIVE: Witness @aggroed talks SBD, reward pool drama, much more

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Good talking with you David. Sorry my kids went nutz in the middle of an interview.


Hi Aggroed. Although I am pretty much in agreement with many of your thoughts, there's one thing.

When you say that you think that the SP delay of 13 weeks could deter short term investors... Imho, I think actually that it is a great system, very healthy and it does not compromise freedom of choice even for short term investors.

1/ Choice of commitment at the start: if short term investor want to go into Steem, well they can, by buying it as a coin and keeping it as liquid Steem. They can opt out of the game in the blink of an eye. So they do have the choice.

2/ Security: Even if my account got hacked, the SP is blocked, and if I notice something is powered down non-naturally, I can react.

3/ Stability: If bad news for Steem come in, there cannot be a panic sale of the coin that could make it really dip deep (even if the project is top-notch, you know like me that perception counts for a lot). Instead, heads can cool down by having time to evaluate if this is really a cause for close down. So if Steem goes down for whatever reason, it will not be because of a panic. The project protects itself from that with the SteemPower delay.

Actually, this SteemPower system strengthens my confidence in Steem.

certainly made it more interesting! thanks for doing it

First, I thought the interview was great and highly upbeat.. as it should be. $50 Steem might be ambitious, but who am I to argue? I'd love to see it!

If I can follow-up on the ability of Steem to scale 100x (or more), if that's the case, wouldn't the platform need A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT of additional full nodes? Currently we're struggling with bandwidth and only have 50k active users per day (using an extremely generous number). How can so many people on the platform dare to say that the blockchain will be able to successfully handle 100x more activity while it's already suffering so much from the current levels.

My Requirements for a Response:

  • Please explain using something besides "We're in beta on Steemit" :)
  • Also, please use another excuse besides "Steemit is not the same as Steem", because while I do understand that the blockchain itself may not be failing or stuttering, if the Steemit Platform stutters or fails, the "Proof of Concept" for Steem fails, which I feel like says just about everything that needs to be said about why Steem would also fail at scale (or fail to scale).


We will likely to expand 2x in terms of active user base this year.
If we continue having bandwith issues and not seeing any solutions at least in dev backlog then forget 100x.

Also bandwith is unequally distributed following unequality in steem distribution. My account has literally gigabytes of bandwith. Obviously user doesn't demand as big as my dolphin SP gives me. The solution may be very simple - a conves (sqrt-like) bandwith dependence on SP.

You don't want low SP to have too much bandwidth though. Because you don't want low influencers / bad actors to spam the Blockchain. However, you don't want minnows to suffer from lack of attention or ability to interact with the platform. So, yeah, there is definitely room for improvement, but the best solution is still out there. (I honestly don't know if your solution will or won't work, but I'll do some googling on it shortly!)

I'm glad you pointed out that low bandwidth affects minnows and we should have a fair shake at the attention paid to posts. I make a concerted effort everyday to engage with others on the platform and although I don't have a high amount of SP, I think that most of my content is decent material.
It's important that we engage with one another and truly make an effort to help the newcomers, in my opinion or else those who do join will eventually lose interest, which is something none of us truly want to see. I am going to start reaching out to more minnows and helping them as I can.

Did you know that I'm also a minnow? (I'm not asking for an upvote) .. A good way to engage, in addition to a kind comment like this one, is to also provide an upvote. A little extra thoughtfulness goes a long way!

Thanks for your comment! I agree 100% that minnows need to support other minnows.