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RE: Is There Any Room For Short Content On Steemit?

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A few things.

  1. Flagging is a big deal around here. You may find yourself thankful to the flaggers because a few weeks from now this controversy will double the number of reads your content gets.
  2. You're funny. I'm still snickering from you saying it was fun for teamsteem to show up to the steem growth forum drunk and naked.
  3. Short content has a place, but it has to provide value to the platform, and right now the value to the platform that many whales are looking at is post views.
    4.Self voting is allowed.
    5.Flagging is allowed.

I think you have every right to upvote your own posts. I think whales have every right to downvote if they don't think it brings enough value. My suggestion for right now is upvote yourself less.

Find the point where it's the most you can make and still under the radar. While doing that grow an audince on Traf and as it grows increase the amount you self vote. If you're bringing people here with your one liners and funny comments they aren't going to give a shit. If you're basically making jokes to yourself and upvoting them for 30 each 8 times a day you're gonna get flagged as long as the view count is low.

You're not the only investor. They want to see a return too. They fear that your self voting behavior on low view posts are going to hurt the reward pool and ecosystem. If they were getting 1k views it wouldn't be an issue.

It would seem you're not quite producing enough value on your smurf account to satisfy the whales. Bring in a load of people with your constant stream of funny and this will vanish. In the meantime I'll stick around and start sharing sharing some of the best ones to help get you an audience on your smurf.

Chin up, make some jokes, grow an audience on traf, and you'll be in the clear I think. Capitalize on the flags while the issue is hot and enjoy some easy press. Just don't full implosion over it.


Thanks aggroed

Yes, I think while most people here are quite supportive, there must be a large number of less vocal dissenters to the quality of my content. I accept that.

I also believe that downvote is necessary here and it's not really a complaint against the downvotes rather than an appeal to the quality of my content. Overall, I accept that others don't think they're that good.

My best answer is to the top voted reply here, preparedwombat. So I won't repeat too much. I am in an unfortunate position of being out competed by my passive self. That is, even with those self votes, I probably don't quite break even with doing absolutely nothing and just renting out the votes, like many have done including much larger stakeholders.

I don't want to do this for the long term, and hopefully will find some middle ground, provided my content is better than no content at all, which isn't as clear cut as I hoped it'd be.

Great show you ran the other day, glad I could listen in. Sorry I coudlnt stay the entire time, it was 5am

Well, the other side of this is that when you upvote other people you grow your audience. Every time you leave a $30 upvote on someone's post you're gonna buy a fan. That fan might return the favor with autovotes etc on your posts. So, you're looking at today's return instead of delayed investment over time.

In a short time frame self voting will win. In a long time frame upvoting others will.

I don't know

While I think it's not ideal to self upvote if you don't believe your own work is worth that much, I don't think voting others to buy fans is the right approach either.

Ideally the only factor to be taken into consideration is content quality and absolutely nothing else. But we're all human and we can never be that rational.

Well, content quality is highly subjective. In my experience when 2 people say there's not enough high quality content on the platform they are looking for drastically different things.

The term I think you actually want is value. How much value does it bring? This is also subjective, but can include something like external views. I think Transisto has a point that bringing new people here should be a priority and we should assess how much a post is worth also in part by how many views it gets.

I think my main point is that this place rewards you more when you help others than when you help yourself. If you dedicate your work to not only being funny, but being funny and pulling new users to this platform I think you'll find more support for your content. At that point it wouldn't just be funny stuff, but funny stuff that helps Steem grow. The latter has much more value to the platform and can tolerate higher rewards.

Trafalagar, you're funny. You're good for this platform. I like your content. You're sitting on a boatload of money. I think you may enjoy life a bit more if you worry slightly less on exacting perfect returns, cut yourself some slack that you're already doing better than 90% of the people in the world, and focus on the parts of this that you love. The universe will reward that!