How to Convert your SBD to Steem Power? A Simple Tutorial

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Let's power up your SP (Steem Power) to increase your Voting Power. I know many of you have been wondering about it but not sure how to do it. Why not make use of your extra SBD that you are not using, to increase your Steem Power that will increase your Voting Power which you really need to be able to grow faster here?

I am going to experiment this conversion myself to show you how it was done till I got it delivered to my wallet. Let's get straight to the tutorial:

How to convert your SBD to Steem Power?

1. Go to Your Wallet

Go to Steem Dollars - Click Dropdown Arrow - Select Buy


2. You will be redirected to Blocktrades Websites

Under Send: You need to do the following:

  • Click your SBD Amount in Steem Dollar. You then can see how much Steem Power that you will get. Here you see that I have keyed in 10 SBD which will get me 7.442 Steem Power. But just be aware that the amount that will be received may change due to the fluctuations in market prices.
  • Scroll down to see your receive address. Key in your Steemit ID name and then click Get Deposit Address.


3. Another Box appear. Key in your Steemit ID name again and then click Transfer Using SteemConnect


4. You will be redirected to SteemConnect. Click Continue.


5. You will then see the login page. Key in your Steemit ID name and your Active Key.


6. The Conversion has been completed via SteemConnect.


7. Blocktrades website also showed that transaction has completed.

You can see that the input amount is 10 SBD. However, the output amount in Steem Power was less at 7.336 and the receive address is correct to my address.


8. Finally check your wallet after all transactions above has completed.

My wallet showed that I have received 7.336 Steem Power. Yay!


Okay that's all for now, I hope you learn something new today. My next tutorial will be about powering up your Steem Power using your Steem in the process called Powering Up.

Take Care and Stay Blessed.

Yours truly,
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I'm actually looking for this tutorial for so long. Thank you for providing this mam. I do really appreciate that😇

Hi @fitrianizar, you are most welcome, I hope you can use it to power up your SP. Stay Blessed and Steem On!

Your posts are very interesting especially for me who is
still a beginner and I have to learn more do you want to be a
teacher for me.

Hi @don001, welcome to Steemit! I'm happy that you wish to learn more. You can check out my list of guide for beginners here

I hope you will read and understand each one to make you a better Steemian. Stay Blessed and Steem On!

thank you mam......

Biasanya saya convert dulu ke steem baru ke sp. Ini informasi yang bagus. Izin untuk resteem.

Hi @achieymasrur, terima kasih atas resteemnya. I'm happy that you found it useful. Stay Blessed and Steem On!

Terima kasih atas infonya

great article ! I look forward to further information

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Thank you, this helped me so much!