Steemit Whatsapp groups!

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

Every now and then, I see a new whatsapp group been created to help people link together and get more upvotes and possibly earn more.

This is a great idea but it's greatly flawed as it usually starts out quite well with dedicated members, but as the group grows it gets out of hand and the whole chat is flooded with lots and lots of links! At this point, the purpose of the group is basically defeated.

Not everyone has enough money to buy steem power and its also no child's play to get higher solely on writing posts upvoting and resteeming as there are stronger steem power contenders knocking you right out of the way.

Whats the way forward?

A little strategy is been cooked up on this group Join now to get the full gist! Please no links allowed in the group just questions and answers. Thanks!


Great. So lets kickstart maxiconsept

What are you doing again?

Saying hello

What else are you doing?

Typing a message now, you?