My Return To @Steemit With Low Carb Cheesecake To Celebrate

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Hello everyone! It's been 7 months since I made my last post and I missed a lot in the @steemit community... And I honestly don't know how to start all over again. But anyway, here I am, and I got myself a simple treat for myself...for my "pagbabalik". LOL!

I made a low carb strawberry cheesecake. (I have been in a low carb diet for almost 3 months now and I will be sharing soon my journey of losing weight and getting back into shape! yay!)


here's the recipe for this low carb cheesecake

4 eggs (whole, beaten)
200g all purpose cream
200g cream cheese (soften)
5 sachet stevia
1/2 tsp lemon juice
few drops of vanilla extract

optional for the toppings:
blended fresh strawberries (I made strawberry shake with chia seeds earlier so I decided to put some on top of it and it was really great:) )

Mix all the ingredients. Apply some butter in the molder so it won't stick. Cook in a steamer for 20-30 minutes or until toothpick test passed. Let it cool and chill before eating:)


Welcome back! Sounds yummy. I had a delicious nectarine for dessert today. Mmmmm

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Wow! what a sweet treats po mam
Looks yummy and dainty.

Ako rin po kababalik ko lng po after being passive in steemit for 9months.

Keep on steem!

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