The resteem heard around the world! (Experiment + Bonus)

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Greetings friends and followers!

I was talking with a friend about the resteem feature and how useful it is.  He doesn't seem to think there's much value in resteeming any post.  In fact his exact words were "Why should I care?".

Despite the cynical outlook I have to admit, it is a good question!  I am always glad whenever presented with the opportunity to step back and examine the true causes behind my unconscious assumptions.  In order for someone to take the time and effort to pay attention, they need to understand that it benefits them, even if they don't know exactly how.  This is human nature.

Let's take a look at the ups and downs of resteeming, and then do a little experiment to get a better understanding.


By resteeming content, you are promoting the type of quality material that you like to see from your peers.  In a sense you are saying "This is so good, I want to share it with the world."  It gives your followers a good understanding of what their audience likes to see as well.


Aside from replying and upvoting, you can show your interest by resteeming.  The author will appreciate you expanding their audience.  Your followers will enjoy the good content, made by people who they may not have known before.  It helps you build a community up around your common interests.


By resteeming posts that you have voted on, you increase the potential for others to vote after you.  Your curation rewards depend heavily on the value of votes that come after yours.  This means more money for you as the value grows!


With every benefit comes it's drawbacks.  Resteeming a lot can bury your original work under pages and pages of content you shared.  This could make it difficult for a prospective follower to find out exactly what kind of author you are.

Followers could also be turned away if you are resteeming content that is of bad quality or entirely different than what they like to view.  Flooding people with garbage can tempt them to unfollow you fast.


All together, I believe the benefits of resteeming other steemate's posts far outweighs the negative effects when practiced in moderation.  I will surely utilize this tool more often from now on.


As an example of this features capabilities, I would like to conduct an experiment.  I ask that every who views this post, go ahead and resteem, then leave a comment to let me know exactly how many followers you have at the time of your resteem.

I will create a spreadsheet and document every single one, and share the results.  Let's see how many people we can reach!


Drop a link to one of your posts in the comments and I'll resteem it for you.  It may just be the little push you need to moon!

If you found this post through a resteem, give them a shoutout and they will recieve a super special reward from me!

At the time of posting this, I have 186 wonderful followers.  <3 you all.

As always,

Thanks for stopping by
Good Luck and Enjoy!


Your friend sounds like an A-hole, you deserve better hahahah

HAHA he definitely can be. How many followers, and which link shall I resteem for you?

All of them! hahahaha

Whichever one you like, I only ask that you try to read it, at least get the gist of it, I think "Optimism at the end of the World 1 " is my best so far

Always. I hate when people pretend to read lol. Maybe you'll get 2 resteems if I like the posts enogh ;-)

<3 I told you last time, I don't remember why I followed you but I remember you left a good impression on me.

I am guilty! I skipped the last paragraph and almost missed that I was supposed to resteem this. I don't really like resteeming just for the sake of resteeming and this is a kind of sleazy way to go about getting attention for a post but I like you so I'll do it just this once.

I've got 108 followers

HAHA thanks, I appreciate that. I am not trying to be sleezy at all. I am genuinely curious about the possibilities. I am making a spreadsheet to see just what we are capable of :-)
Thanks again for taking part.

Hahah you better share that spreadsheet!

I don't think you are a sleazy person at all, I can usually tell pretty quickly. I just know it can be frustrating trying to get to a point where your posts reach people. I think we are doing really well though for 3 weeks.

Yea we definitely are! Keep up the good work man. You can be sure I'll share the spreadsheet. Keep an eye out for that post when this one cools off. :-)

if it is not to late I would also take part

resteemed this post also

It's never too late until 6 and a half days after posting. Thanks for taking part!
You and your followers are appreciated :)

Compelling as always. You might be the chosen one. #BrownNosing

this is the first gif thats given me goosebumps.

Voted up 👍🏼, and followed ... let's help each other 👌

That is one trippy gif my friend. How many followers and what link do I share for you?

At the time of this post I have 37 followers. Please Resteem this as I feel people need the vibes.

Documented and shared. Thanks for taking part my friend :)

Thanks! Documented, voted, resteemed. I was already one of you 181 followers ;-) You're the best.

Aww schucks. And tell everyone I said thanks.

I don't love the resteem - mostly cos my feed is showing me more stuff I'm not interested in that stuff I am. However, I like what you're doing here so why not.


I think this post has a catchy title!

I can definitely understand where you're coming from. However sometimes I am pleasantly surprised! Especially when I have the chance to expand my interests :).
Thanks so much for taking part!

Fun XD

I currently have 116 followers. How are you going to track this thing? o_O

ps - if it helps I found it from @whatamidoing XP

Awesome! Thanks @ryivhnn. @whatamidoing now is great!
I realize that I forgot about the shoutout part. Thanks for reminding me, I have edited the post to reflect this :)
Which link would you like me to share for you?

Haha cool, hope that helps your tracking at least a little bit. Though if it takes off enough you may need a web rather than a spreadsheet XD

Erm...ahh...crap I donno [flail] I'll let you pick if you see anything that catches your eye, otherwise can I take a rain check for the piece I'm working on atm? XD

Yay thanks XD

Also how long you running for and what are you checking for? Just how far the post went? If anyone's follower count went up?

I probably should have asked these earlier, but there was too much blood in my caffeine system at the time XD

I will share the statistics at 12 hours, 24 hours and 7 days. I am looking to see how many people the post reached, and how many people interacted because of those resteems.

There's the legend :-p

I'm known far and wide. ish

You're a true hero to those despised, real excrement of the world like me xD

you have convinced me ..I have re streamed your post :)

Thanks! I resteemed your last post as well :)

Thoughtful post. Resteemed.

Awesome thanks. How many followers do you have and which post shall I resteem for you?

Documented and resteemed.
Thanks for taking part in the experiment! :)

Hey thanks. How many followers do you have and which post wold you like me to resteem for you?

Documented, Upped, followed, resteemed. Thanks for taking part!

Thanks for the experiment!

Anytime pal! Hope to see you moon :)

Thanks man! I resteemed your hiphop beats. That one is too old and wouldn't let me. Posts get locked in at 7 days.

I was wondering about that, my fault. Still learning :) thank you for resteeming!

Anytime! THanks for taking part.

Nice insight! Good advice! I like it. Upvoted and followed hope you follow me too

Thanks for taking the time to check it out! Feel free to take part in the experiment. Let us know how many followers you have, resteem and post a link so I can do the same for you.

Sure i have 256 followers and could you resteem 1 of my painting i entered in a contest and my wife just joined of you could resteem it to. If its ok

Documented, voted, followed, and resteemed. Thanks for taking part in the experiment!

and also that painting that you just commented. Thats my entry for a contest

Awesome! That's the one I resteemed ;-) Good luck friend.

Thanks alot my new friend as it means alot to us!

Great! Thanks pal. documented, voted, followed, resteemed and now commented ;-P Keep it up!

I had 70 followers at the time I resteemed this. I found your experiment through a reteem by @larutanton. Upvote and followed.

Thanks so much for the mention here @mtgmisfit, take care😍

Thanks you! i'll make sure @larutanton receives a reward :) Glad you could join us in this experiment.

Voted up 👍🏼, and followed ... let's help each other 👌

Awesome, that's the best we can do! Will you be resteeming for the study?

apparently you received a lot of response from the post. Thanks I am trying to understand resteam. You helped and I appreciate your post.

I'm glad it was valuable to you! If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Would you like to be a part of this experiment? It's not difficult at all and it is rewarding :-D

Thanks for the resteem :-) I hope you moon xD
Would you like to elect a post for me to resteem?

Do you have a topic preference?

Whatever you think is best :)

There's two articles I have my eye on.

This was a really well written article, great for attracting new steemates.

This is a tutorial on how to write a quality article in just 4 hours.

They are both excellent posts. I had already read the first one. I am going to resteem the second one. :-) Thanks for sharing it!

Oh no, it was made 7 days ago. Let's find a different one from gktown to resteem xD

I think resteeming a helpful post is a great idea. it is team work and helps to get the information out there . . Not everyone will see one persons post but a lot of people will get the chance to see the resteeem because it will be floating around . :) :)

I agree! I would prefer the type of followers who appreciate when I resteem things and like to share.
Will you be taking part in this little experiment?

Yes I can do that long as steemit lets me lol :) @akrid

Awesome, all it takes is to let me know how many followers you have and then click the resteem button up there at the bottom of the post. It's like an arrow in the shape of a horseshoe :)

I have 41 followers :) I tried to resteem but it said only top levels can do it :(

That's interesting. I don't even know what that means haha. No worries. 44 followers in just a couple days is amazing! Keep it up!

Thank you :) now it is 41 but hey I am having fun who cares lol ;)

Whoops I typed the wrong number hahaha. I'm sure in no time everyone will be able to look back and see I was a prophet xD You'll probably have more than me soon xD. It took me over 3 weeks to get here.

Great experiment, sorry I missed it when it was first posted. Will follow you so I don't miss again 😜

I have 236 followers right now and if you are still resteeming please select THIS ONE

Many thanks, resteemed this for you 👍

Excellent post friend. I'm glad you took the time to participate. Documented, followed, voted, resteemed and now commented :-D Keep up the great work!

Very grateful @akrid

Steem on my friend

Hey rubenalexander. Thanks for stopping by! I have been following you for a week or so :) I appreciate that you took the time to participate.

Thanks for the resteem! I am following you as well.

I am honored sir

57 followers currently following and accounted for! Sir! Thank you sir!

Awesome! Keep on steemin. :)

Hope the experiment teaches you a lot...

Thanks! I've already learned quite a bit! It's keeping me pretty busy and I love it haha. I resteemed your increadible post! Keep it coming :-D

Thanks for taking part in the study! I'm sure you'll have more followers in no time ;-)

This was so interesting and informative. Thanks.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out and comment! Would you like to be a part of this study? It's quite simple :-)

Yes! I would love to join the experiment. Here is my latest blog. Thank you so much for the boost!

Amazing. Thanks for participating! Let's do this great thing together!

Hi Akrid, nice to meet you, followed,voted and RESTEEMED this post, yes I do resteem useful or good content and I do believe you fit that well, Thanks for your time and please
Check out a series I do weekly here:
And make sure to

Done and done. That was pretty great! Thanks for being a part of this and sharing with us :-)

Thanks again, and just to let you know, this morning 6/5/17 est. and before going to sleep, you inspired an idea! Here it is! Later, any feed back is welcome from anyone!

That's great! I'm honored to have inspired you :-D

It only takes one person to make a difference sometimes right😒 later

Yes, sometimes it only takes one person to make a difference. Thank you :-)

Thanks for the post. I was wondering about the resteeming function myself since I am new and my worry is that it buries my own content, I was resteeming would put it an other place than my own content. But this is a really interesting project, I resteemed this post and at the moment i am at 33 Followers at the time of resteeming. Here is a link to a article i recently wrote:

Hey, thanks for joining us! I had the same concern. In the end I just think people want to see good content :-)

Resteemed. 50 some followers, I'm just a little minnow. Resteem this, if you please.

Welcome Amber! Thanks for being a part of this. You'll have more followers in no time. It's just a matter of applying yourself ;-)

Awesome! Resteemed as promised. Was already following you and upped it xD

Awesome! I really like this experiment you're doing.

I'm glad! It's really exciting to me. I have already learned a lot.

I have 30 followers! :) Great post!

Thanks for participating! Keep up the good work

LOL ! you are going to be busy! :-)
I have 52 followers
I am still working learning this blog thing .I only have A couple of memes ,and original posts ... Ive got 32? post mostly resteems,,,I'll let you pick what you choose,if you choose to accept this mission...

resteemed, upvoted, and I check you out...


Awesome, glad to have you join the experiment! I'll head over and take my pic now. Keep it up :-)

This is an interesting experiment. I'm a nube with just 19 followers. Here's a link to resteem.

We all have to start somewhere. Keep up the good posts and you'll get a whole lot more :-)

Re-steeming seems to be the heart of the system, share quality content

Thanks for joining the study! keep up the good work.

People resteeming cool posts so they turn up in my feed is what helps me find cool people worth following! It's definitely a valuable thing for the community when a content creator also resteems.

My most recent post
A more confrontational post

Take your pick if you want to resteem something I wrote. I saw this post because @mtgmisfit resteemed it!

Excellent, thanks for joining us! Great posts by the way. I shared your most recent one. I'm so thirsty now...

Is this still going on? I have 89 followers at the time I resteemed your post. I found your experiment through a resteem by @larutanton. Upvote and followed. New member here :)

Thank you for showing interest. This study has already concluded, you can check the results here
Keep an eye out, there is more to come :-)

At the time of posting I have 186 followers!

I just followed you as well :)

Thanks! I appreciate it :-D

you're welcome :) We need to all work together and help . look out for each other is what will make life grow in my opinion

Thanks. Would you like to take part in the study?

@akrid How would I do that?

All you have to do is resteem this post, tell me how many followers you have and drop a link for me to resteem for you :-)

Resteemed already when replied and have 82 followers. No link to upvote
Keep up the good work.

Let me know when you have a link and I'll be glad to share it! :-)
Thanks for taking part in this little experiment :)

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