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Greetings friends and followers

I've notices a lot of new accounts who aren't able to take any action on steemit.

I understand how upsetting this would be, so I decided to find a way to help the new community out.

This issue has been brought to light by @timcliff in a recent post here https://steemit.com/witness-category/@timcliff/new-accounts-don-t-have-enough-sp-to-fully-interact-with-the-blockchain-should-witnesses-update-the-max-block-size-discussion.

You may see errors like this:

You may not be able to share a post or even vote!

In his post, @timcliff proposed a few changes that the witnesses could make in order to resolve the issue.  This decision can take some time to deliberate and come to a majority consensus before the solution is put in place.

In the meantime @timcliff will be helping to delegate the proper amount of steem power, allowing the new users to interact with the blockchain.

I will be compiling a list of individuals who are effected and relaying this information to @timcliff so we can get your account up and running properly.  I am here to facilitate your smooth introduction into steemit, so ask any question you may have and I'll do my best to answer them.

If you are getting the "not enough bandwidth" error or are unable to properly interact with the blockchain, go ahead and leave a comment here with a brief explanation of your issue.

You can also message me privately on steemit.chat

Please allow us approximately 24 hours for delegation.  We appreciate your patience.

Spread the word!  Please consider resteeming for the new users.
If you know anyone else having this issue, make sure to direct them to this post.

As always,

Thanks for stopping by
Good Luck and Enjoy!


Hi, i'm trying to make a post atm. Initially I had 5 tags as I should and a title but the post button was greyed out and it said for title and tags 'required' as it I had done it wrong. I though it was a bug so refreshed and now the whole post page wont load as in https://steemit.com/submit.html doesn't load for me but every other steemit page does instantly almost

this is happening to me too! The problem started yesterday when I tried to create a posts. Now the post button doesn't work when I click on it.

Same Problem!
It started about two days ago. I can't post anything.

I am new, will not allow me to post anything. The post button is gray. Any solutions?

Can't say I know a solution, I contacted steemit support on facebook as it was suggested on another post but no reply. Just try waiting it out is my advice, sorry its not very useful.

Update 2: I can only post from my desktop PC, not from my phone tablet or even laptop. No problems with desktop PC page just won't load on anything else

I still can't post from my computer it's driving crazy!!! why won't Steemit help us???

Today is 07.01.2018 and my Steemit account is suddenly working again as if nothing ever happened?!! I just logged into my desktop computer and tried Steemit and it was back to normal, I never did anything to fix it. Steemit account is obviously just a buggy system.

Have you tried downloading esteem app or using busy.org?

Hi @timcliff and @akrid, i have some few challenges which i have detailed in my post in the link below, i will appreciate if you check it out https://steemit.com/hive-172186/@hilarysmartt/vibe-killers-as-a-new-member-in-the-steemit-ecosystem-by-hilarysmartt

I am new, will not allow me to post anything. The post button is gray. Any solutions? I only use lap top

I think just waiting awhile (20 mins minimum) and then trying again and repeating until it works, steemit is a bit buggy. You could try 'https://busy.org' it is is a different (and much better imo) UI but all posts are linked with steemit so everyone can still see them.

Which mobile browser are you using? Have you tried downloading the esteem app, or tried busy.org?

I don't use my mobile phone, I use my desktop computer and the browser is Google Chrome, which has been working fine until recently. Anyways my Steemit account is working fine today, so the problem is obviously with Steemit's server and NOT with my desktop computer.

Yea they have problems sometimes. You can also try chainbb.com for more of a forum style.

I can load the page only on my phone and I tried many 1 word titles and 1 word tags but still in red writing it just says required not letting me post just having a greyed out post button

There may be an issue with the content in your post.
I've seen certain code throw errors like that, but I don't know why.
I would recommend copying your main content elsewhere, clear the form and start all over.

Thanks for the reply, In the end I waited about 12 hours and posted on my desktop PC and it worked with no problems. Not sure what the issue was.

Glad you got it to work. Good luck @pandasquad!

this video link is broken :(

Every page works for me except the post page which links to https://steemit.com/submit.html there is obviously something wrong with Steemit's website/server but they don't seem to care?!! meanwhile I am unable to publish any new content rendering my Steemit account useless!!!

Me too. What's going on?

There is usually problems with steemit for users with low bandwidth (users who don't pay for an account). They go away usually so I'd try posting some other time or on a different device as that works sometimes.

Hi @timcliff and @akrid, i have some few challenges which i have detailed in my post in the link below, i will appreciate if you check it out https://steemit.com/hive-172186/@hilarysmartt/vibe-killers-as-a-new-member-in-the-steemit-ecosystem-by-hilarysmartt

i cant post or look at some of my postings. when i click the post button it disappears and nothing happens, when i click on my newest posting, i see a cartoon robot saying something is wrong. Hope that helps.

i am on a windows 10 PC , thank you, using chrome and I.E. does not work on either.

I've only ever used Mozilla, but I haven't heard of those two not working before.
Have you tried disabling all of your popup protection?

It is happening to me too

already off, well the robot picture says it was an error on their end. But in the meantime i can't do much, and i really dont know if steemit guys will address it. It was working fine, then in seconds, all broken, now its doing all kinds of weird stuff. if i click on the author/curator paid button, it sends me to my blog feed for other people stuff. if i click post, the button goes missing, and i cant click on blog/comment/replies, wallet without refreshing the page. it's really odd. i thought i got kicked off. honestly

It's very odd- I'm experiencing the same issues when trying to view some of your posts.
After I see the error, I can't even use steemit properly until I close and open a new tab.

Maybe there is an issue with your code? I can't think of anything else that would cause this...

i just hope the steemit staff, if there is one, can fix it. or will fix it, i'll give it 4-5 days i will check back, often. if they dont fix it i will know to move on. thank you for looking at it.

Good luck, I hope it gets fixed. How did you manage to contact steemit support?

Hi, I'm having issues posting as well. The post button does not activate. Would you be assist? thank you!

Hi, which browser are you using? Have you made sure there is a title, and at least one tag? You can not have more than 5 tags, each separated by just a space.

Thank you for your response. I'm using Google Chrome Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit) and it is is up to date on a mac 10.10.5. I also have a tittle and four tags.

I would recommend trying a different browser. If that doesn't work- there may be an issue with the content of your post.
Maybe you can shorten it, or remove some images.

Thanks. I did try Safari and do not have pictures, just text, 5 small paragraphs and 4 tags :(

Try to copy it all, paste in a safe location
Clear the form and start over.
Make sure all tags are separated by just a space.

I just tried to make a post on steemit but have been unable to click the post button as I don't have steem power. I hope this community can help me get set up so I can start contributing. Many Thanks! :)

Hey, I see that you're able to make plenty of posts now.
Glad you got it sorted.

My Post button stays gray too trying to post and it's been like this for weeks.
Its like wow what is going on?

Make sure you have a title
No more than 5 tags
There could also be an issue with the content
I would recommend copying the content and saving it somewhere, then delete everything, refresh the page, re-paste and try again.
Good luck!
Just in case it was a bandwidth issue- your comment should pay out enough to cover it now in 5 days :)

I'm new to steemit and unable to submit my first blog post. It's greyed out. Please help @EM2Yo

I've voted up this comment. When it pays out you will have more bandwidth available. Thank you for your patience, I hope you can post soon!

Experiencing the same problems as you, cannot post - 'Post' button doesn't work. Tried in a few browsers, cleared cache, if i can get on the post page, it asks for tags but the post button is still greyed out. Noticed on the settings page 'Private Post Display Settings' is set to always hide which I cannot change after saving. Wonder if this is something to do with it.

Sorry to hear you're having issues. Any luck yet?

pretty sure nothing I post to Steemit can actually be seen by anyone

I can see the things you post just fine!
I recommend writing an introduction post and using "introduceyourself" tag!
A good way to make friends is to comment on other peoples posts, or join a community on discord!
Whaleshares is a great one. There's a link in all of my posts.

I am having the same issue as many others. I am trying to post for the first time but it wont allow me to click the post buttom on the page and am not sure what to do. Any help would be great thank you!!

Hey @deanooo4
Please make sure there is a title and at least one tag. You may only have up to 5 tags- separated by just a single space.
You may have to copy your work over to a notepad, clear form and try again.
If you have a Broadcast Error, the best thing to do is wait 24.

Good luck posting on steemit! Let me know how it goes.

Hi, luckily I can respond to people so glad to find your article on Steem where I'm already logged in with useful id. I'm trying to publish my first article but after hitting the main post button I the webforms and fill them out and the post button is greyed out. Mouse over signifies I'm blocked. Can you help sort it out please?

Make sure you have your tags and title correctly filled it.
You can have no more than 5 one word tags, separated by only a space.

If there is any other errors please let me know and I'll do my best to help.

Hi, I can't sign up for the steemit.chat website because it never sends me my activation email. I've looked in my spam and inbox. I'm unable to post at the moment as well. The Post button just went dark.

Sorry, I don't have any authority on steemit.chat.
I know it works for gmail- and yes it would be in spam folder.
Hope you get it up and running.

Hello I wanna ask few questions. Why I can't post in my blog? What happen to my steem it?

I have experienced this issue with an account of a new member I referred here. Thank you for the detailed workaround and the support.

I found this post informative therefore I have shared it on Twitter https://twitter.com/MrLucasHunter/status/873835902337941508

MrLucasHunter Abolade Lucas tweeted @ 11 Jun 2017 - 09:34 UTC

Welcome to

Steemit.com / https://t.co/zgY0bJFFQ2
Can't #post? We're here to #help!
steemit.com/steemit/@akrid… / https://t.co/5Xk4tViwST

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thanks for helping to get the word out!

You are welcome @akrid, I share good steemit post and promote them on Twitter for more exposure. It is still experimental and it is already getting clicks to Steemit posts shared. You can support this initiative in any way you want to. STEEM ON!

@akrid I am new and have not had much activity. Cannot post.

I experience this message sporadic. Usually couple of times a day. Help would be appreciated

Hi @akrid Akrid,

I've just joined and have found I am UNABLE TO POST. Please can you relay this to @timcliff so that I can get going. Thank you v much! :)

Welcome to steemit! Sorry you're having issues.
What exactly is the error?

Hello! :) I am unable to submit a post - see here: https://ibb.co/eD0PMv

The POST button will not activate. It's greyed out. How can I post my new blog article?

@akrid I hope that makes sense! Is this easily fixed? :)

Oh, I see. That image isn't set right.
Try to either use raw html or delete and redo all of the images.

Yeah I was trying to figure out why I can't post anything. I was able to upvote this post however. Any help would be appreciated.

Users have a limited amount of bandwidth, which is based on the amount of SP they have. When the network is busy, the amount of bandwidth per user goes down. Users who have low SP and have been transacting a lot (posting, commenting, voting, etc.) may run into temporary bandwidth limitations. The best thing to do is wait for a little bit (a few min, up to a few hours) and see if it starts to work after the network activity goes down. If you are doing anything excessive (following thousands of users, posting thousands of comments, etc), then it is best to cut down on your usage to stay within your bandwidth limits. You also have the option to purchase more SP. If you are not doing anything excessive and it becomes a major issue where it is happening constantly, or for prolonged periods of time, then post your account name here with a description of what is going on, and we will help try to figure out why you are being impacted.

I have trouble uploading photos to a new story unfortunately it only tells me (subliminal-times cannot be found on the blockchain) please help or any insight I got my account threw anon if that helps.

I'm sorry, I have never heard of that issue before! How long has it been happening? We have some api issues today it seems, so try again tomorrow and let me know how it goes :)

I think it might have just been my internet connection that is my best guess but everything is ok now thank you for you're support .

thanks for makng this known. and thanks @timcliff for all the help and being a awesome witness. Deserving all the votes! Resteeming Ak, thanks for sharing!

Thanks @drpuffnstuff I appreciate the resteem. You're right, he's excellent!

I didn't even know this was an issue for new users! Thanks for explaining it so clearly. Good to know that there is a fix in the works, and more importantly, a workaround!

Gladly. TimCliff is a great witness! I encourage everyone to vote for him :-)

This realy helps the new comunity, but I am not sure if they can comment here if they have the Probleme.

That's possible. It's the reason why I am always available on steemit.chat as well :)

i am struggling with this problem.how will you please tell me how i can make a new post,if the post button turned grey

I started having the issue today and would appreciate any help!! Thanks for the note.

Hey, sorry to hear about your problems. You seem to have enough SP and delegated SP. What sort of problems are you having exactly?

great post thank for sharing

Your steemit.chat link is broken. You need to remove the "www" and it will work.

Thank you sir! Fixed :)

My mate just signed up, so when his account becomes active ill send him some steem power so he can vote.... For my posts hehe

HAHA That's a perfect plan!

I thought so 😀

good to know, so far so good though.

Glad to hear. I suspect we will have a lot more people on with this problem on Monday when more accounts are being added.

hmmm sounds familiar.

i have never encounter such issue, lucky because i am also new here in this platform. .
but i encounter a problem in esteem app on my phone, does it have any connection to this site issue?

Sorry, I don't have any experience with the esteem app. Maybe someone else here will be able to help :)

i hope someone will giving a helping hand. .
thnk you @akrid

Yo thanks, I'll resteem ;)

Thanks, I appreciate that. And so will the new members :)

Oh thank goodness I found you. I am unable to post and have steem and steem power yet when I tried posting I get a message "Your transaction failed to process" and a pop up "PCError: plugin exception:Account: mickeyberry has 1637183530 RC, needs 6677413886 RC. Please wait to transact, or power up STEEM.rethrow"
and that I should buy steem power.
I bought steem power and yet I couldn't post.

Please help as it is frustrating and annoying.

Thanks @akrid

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Yeah this needs sorting sharpish! All hands to the pump!

I think my account is affected by this

i cant post nothing

Hi guys! I just attempted to make my first post, and the "Post" button is grayed out. I can't figure out why, other than something related to what's discussed here, or else I'm doing it wrong. Could someone hep me figure out which?


It could be that you need a title, or that you need proper tags.
5 max, separated by just a space.

I can't post too. :( I'd love to write for steemit.

I dont understand why would I need SP to post something? I get only limited free posts a day? I still have 1 hour until the first payout of my first post. when i go into the steem FAQ it says "Does it cost anything to post, comment, or vote?

No. It is free to post, comment, and vote on content on steemit.com. You might even get paid for it!"

Thank you for your support. I was just getting back into steem when I noticed I couldn't post a 2nd blog. I am ready to deliver some high quality content via blog posts, if you check out my latest reintro. I have a post ready about a trip to a japanese temple. But the website says not enough steem, or bandwidth to post. I'm hoping you're still willing to fix the issue for us. Still learning how this works, trying to build more steempower by voting on quality work, but I feel like my writing will get more work done.

My post button is faded and unclickable.

I am new, and I can't seem to post either.

Hi, I'm unable to submit my first post. Is there a workaround for this issue? Thank you.

Hi @timcliff and @akrid, i have some few challenges which i have detailed in my post in the link below, i will appreciate if you check it out https://steemit.com/hive-172186/@hilarysmartt/vibe-killers-as-a-new-member-in-the-steemit-ecosystem-by-hilarysmartt

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