Car salesman discovers Steemit...

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What are your FAVOURITE Steemit topics to browse? Comment them below :D

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I usually surf under the tag "Nature"
and I surf in DMania under "Funny"

That's awesome :) I enjoy a good laugh when browsing social media so I thought i'd make this meme for those who do too! Thank you :)

I still consider myself new in Steamit and like to discover all its sides then I read posts that help me in Steamit.

Great to hear :)

money. Best topic evr😄😄😄

Haha well... it is fun :D

I am new user in steemit just today i have join anyone can help me how to vote on post

Glad to be hear

its very funny bro😂😂😂

Haha! Thank you, brother :)

my first Steem Meme! i came here for the memes basically.

thanks :D take an upvote

Contest my fav topic

I like to win

good luck and thank you!

Came for the crypto currency, stayed for everything else lol

Car salesman can go Sothebys auctions in the next tree years if he proposes it himself...

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This is wonderful haha I can't wait till steemit is just flooded with memes

Please follow me.

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thanks for voting on my post hope you will success soon

glad to be hear

thanks again :)

Easier to say not favourite topics:
No browse - "No comment"

  • religion and politics

I'm here just for the meme..

Baaahahahaha! That sounds about like 85%+ of the Steemit-related articles already :D

/me slooowly creeps away before the lynch mob attacks


Haha oh yes :P

LOL Its unlimited Like You Say. Let Kick The Engines and Start Rocking the Babies Haha.

lmao why busy is in the tags

Because we always on the hustle my man!

HAHAHAHA relatable content man!