Making my blog my quiescent sanctuary

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Since September I have been slowing down my activity on the Steem blockchain in terms of releasing posts, writing comments and curating other blog posts. Not due to having lost interest in Steem but to harmonise and balance my relationship with and behavior on the platform.

From the start 5000SP to me felt like the perfect basis to independently thrive here. Therefore, by investing nothing but my time and passion I accumulated 5000SP from scratch over 15 months exclusively from daily posts. When I initiated my commitment to this endeavor I knew right away that once there I would immediately jump off that rather arduous treadmill of overzealous writing penchant and also fully abdicate any slightest clandestine tendency toward monetary insatiability. It is time to acknowledge and realise how far I have actually come and continue with an equilibrated mindset.

And that step is so significant: for me it isn't about taking a break from this place to then eventually return back more bustling than ever. I feel no need to cloak as a workaholic busybody only to convey the impression of an ambitious and productive person, nor will anybody find me joining projects when I can preemptively already sense that mentally binding drag which deprives me of my autonomous flexibility.

Instead, what appears like a break from Steem is in truth a detoxification and honing of my platform experience. It has taken me 3 weeks of complete absence from anything related to Steem until I was finally able to start sinking myself into the feeling of creative satisfaction, and even now, another 3 weeks later, I am still absorbing and settling into the deceleration and realisation energy.

Along with this increasing relaxation I felt like embellishing my blog page into one that makes me feel more at home: changing profile picture, cropping anew my banner image, actualising my followings. Might look like trivial adjustments for others, some probably didn't even notice them, but to me the effect is profound. I feel like having a new account.

Three seemingly minute changes was all it needed to visually synchronise with my strongly harmonised internal relationship with and behavior on the platform from "must" to "feel like to". I want my blog to feel like an oasis of well-being. If visitors of my blog will catch some of that joyous quiescence, splendid. If not, don't worry: so I will have more for myself.

Optimally, my Steemit blog will remain one off the beaten track, especially when the Steem price reaches a consistent $10 or higher and myriads of people flock in here.

By that time I will hopefully have created myself a calm and remote peace sanctuary amidst the soon-to-emerge Steem blockchain jungle thicket of infinite blog posts.

Good luck finding me,


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@tipu curate

found ya

Thanks for the nice gesture of appreciation.

Good to see that you enjoy being a tipu curator ;)


I still also wanna become a dolphin.
And I can very well relate to your post. 90% of my Stake is earned. But I'll probably also buy some soon.. :)

Good choice, I believe. Even though I clearly felt this ever since I joined, the last weeks of detachment in particular fuled my realisation how golden an opportunity the current state of Steem is.

For me I've been posting more, sometimes 6 or more a day. Just posted one of my best pieces and got zero cents for it

There are so many wordpress blogs or websites out there people put insane amount of passion into, and still nobody reads them. And even if there are readers then the author won't even have the fraction of a chance of getting rewarded for it. Steem is more about the opportunity, not a promise.

Nonetheless, I think that anyone who has even more than 500SP will easily attract plenty of readers once the tide turns here. Perhaps you should also slow down your posting frequency and focus more on curation.

Yes, I'm trying to get a 1000 posts done, and then I'll do more curation...

Most of the time, getting the right image costs me more time than writing the actual post. :)

I agree with you!

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