IoTeX Thread of the Week (TOTW) №8: The Earn it Bill & Impact on Privacy (IoT)

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🆕 Thread of the Week (TOTW) №8: The Earn it Bill & Impact on Privacy

This past week the online privacy community was shaken up by the news of a new law that the US Senate has proposed and trying to push. In short, we can end up having an Internet where the law would require every message sent to be read by government-approved scanning software 😐 And companies that handle such messages {such as Telegram} would not be allowed to securely encrypt them, or they’d lose legal protections that allow them to operate and be sued into bankruptcy.

In this week’s discussion, we would like you to share your thoughts on this bill and the impact that it would have on our privacy and whether or not this is how we see our Internet work going forward!

💰 Rewards: Most interesting & creative 3 answers will receive 1,000 IOTX EACH + all of the participants will be entered in the community scoreboard for March!

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